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April Art 007

I’m going back to the journal-ling thing (ring a ding),  maybe cause I’m at the end of a sketch book. And what better way to start the end of something by a special entry chronicling  it’s completion.

Late March 016

So let the festivities begin.

Late March 013b


Comments on: "4-5-13" (17)

  1. What a treat your images are to view Hans.

  2. What lurks in Reyes Creek? (Or is it the simple act that’s more important?)

    • Rainbow trout lurk in Reyes creek and are planted there bi-weekly by California Fish and Game. And, the simple act of driving up there with a friend to go fishing is very important.


      • Sounds perfect. I spent 4 months fishing through Nepal (mostly in the far north west). The getting there was 99% of the fun… the fish (what we called Snow Trout because they were dead black) were just an added sweetener.

      • Goes to show that there’s more to fishing than just yanking fish outta the water, it’s the process that’s most of the fun.


  3. nothing better than a man in a tu-tu. I think “getting back to retirement” is code for “laying around contemplating my navel”….lol..

  4. I love coming to the end of a sketchbook – exciting

  5. My husband mentioned today that trout season opened up today at Lake Crowley. I am sure you’ll be doing lots of fishing this spring. I really do enjoy the way you use color in your drawings.

  6. Can’t wait to see what you will catch in your new brook – uh book…

  7. Have you thought about auctioning a completed sketch book on eBay?

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