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It’s Art Blog Time

New a 004

The above drawing is one of my better ones, if I don’t say so myself, but it makes no sense whatsoever.  Kinda looks like a hand squeezing a dead chicken which has taken on the female form.  Maybe it’s a statement on domestic violence.  Boy did I ever deal with a lot of that bullshit when I was working in Probaionland  [ I had a caseload of 200 wife beaters; what a bunch of whiners].  Or perhaps a statement on Feminism and Women’s Equality.  Loss and letting go?  Or a new improved plastic woman with a few design flaws?  But Nope, it’s none of the above.

See, I wanna start drawing from life again, and not the life in my mind.  So, sitting back in my living room recliner (we have two: His and Hers…what a pair of geezers), the only thing that’s real in front of me, is my entertainment center with flat-screen TV.  Now everybody knows that ya can’t draw from TV!  It’s all moving too fast ( a new image every four seconds), and it doesn’t stand still.  Plus, nothing on TV is particularly real, “reality” shows notwithstanding. [TV is my chief competition when it comes to blasting out pseudo psychedelic images, with bullshit narratives].

So, what else is one to draw when their ass is firmly ensconced in a recliner, except their hand.  Cool.  Sure glad I didn’t have rash on my inner thigh that needed scratching all the time.  So I drew my left hand; sure glad I don’t have palsy or the ‘shakes’.  A nice, moderately mediocre rendition don’t cha think?.  Also sure glad I don’t have Alzheimer’s, or I’d be wondering whose hand that was.

The hand doesn’t look like it’s clenched or gripping anything…well maybe a loose grasp.  And you know I like the female form, especially without any clothes on, or better yet, naked.  And I do like things that are kinda floating up in the air, and if it’s carbonated, so much the better.  Put them all together, and that’s what ya get. I’m just dealing with line, form and color.  Any reactions or metaphorical statements that may arise, are in your mind, not mine.  I think I’m gonna call this on “Woman as dead chicken slipping through the grasp of Man”.

New a 003

I was gonna call this one “Gay Marriage”, and then go on a political rant about just how “Sacred” marriage really is, when you need a license to do it (The marriage that is, most people are ‘doing it’ before marriage these days and maybe that’s why so many end in divorce: they over ‘did it’, and used it all up), and a Court Order from a Judge to un-‘do it’.  Anyway ya look at it, some folks are making a lot of money on other folks ‘doing it’: from government agencies charging fees (regulating sex?), to lawyers and investigators looking for a way to get your ass out.  I think Gays should fully share in all this misery along with the rest of us.

But no…this drawing is about two figures and their spacial relationship with one another.  But, the thing is, I fucked up big time, and it looks like the boyish figure is poking the dyke in her boob.  More depth would have been created if I hadn’t drawn the blue figures hand over the others boob.  Maybe he couldn’t  resist it.   Are they real?  Boys will be boys.  Might as well let get married.


Comments on: "It’s Art Blog Time" (28)

  1. A psychiatric cornucopia resides between your ears. I liked them, but I fear that saying that makes me weird.

  2. Yup, right there, did you see it? That was a Pulitzer ramble 🙂

  3. There is nothing religious about marriage…in reality it is nothing but a social contract that is why it must be registered with the state….(I step off my soapbox now)….

    • But let’s not forget that god made Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve :) But then again, if ya take Genesis literally, Adam’s offspring were guilty of a lot of incest; which was seemingly okay.


  4. I’ve got to hand it to you, that’s a nice drawing.

  5. Excellent drawings Hans. I agree too. Some of your best.

    “Maybe it’s a statement on domestic violence”

    I think it represents that and male control over the female body as in the insane abortion laws being passed by numerous state legislatures. I’d love to use this image in some future post on my blog when I am discussing that issue.

  6. sloed@aimcom said:

    You deserve a big hand for that hand.

  7. Paul J. Stam said:

    Hansi – So glad you stopped by Paper Mud and Me again and liked “River Congo – Chaper 2” In the days ahead I will be posting chapters from a “A River That Is Congo” as a way of promoting the published version. Hope you will check back. – Incidentally I am following you but haven’t gotten any of your blogs. Hope they start coming through soon. – Aloha – pjs.

  8. Great drawings and a great post. Well done!

  9. Definitely not drawings from TV, but hey … I’m an idea guy … put together a panel of 5 or so drawings, and then have a write a sitcom script contest based on the drawings.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    She IS poking her in the breast. But it’s a very well drawn breast and poke.

  11. The hand holding the woman is so well drawn! I hope you continue to work at drawing from life every chance you get!

  12. I love my daily dose of Hansi! 😀 really like the drawing from life. And the his ‘n’ hers chairs – we have those. Well, I have a chair and Husb has a gigantic settee.

    • A daily dose of Hansi is fairly benign; ya can’t over dose on me. A bum trip…maybe.


  13. Nice pieces here.

  14. Reality or hallucinations? I’ll just chalk it up to raw and real observations on the world and some nice sketches to boot. BTW, do a sketch the lesbians/lesbian-esque boys in their marriage many years down the road, dealing with laundry, dishes, bills, housework, groceries, etc…

    • Not a very glorious thought. It would be very similar to me and The Wife in retirement.


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