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4-15-13 004

This was gonna be my BIG 400th post extravaganza, but in light of what occurred yesterday, I though I’d forgo all the self adulation, and post this drawing that I did last night.

What a F***ing Blow Mind!  I woke up yesterday after my usual noon-time nap, and turned on the Business Channel, to find that not only was the stock market down over 200 points, and the price of gold fallen over $100 an ounce, but some shit-head(s) blew up the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  A bad day for all concerned.

Late March 002

And what a tragedy!  Not only in loss of life and property, but for all of those who trained for this event, had great hopes of accomplishment, all to end up with a DNF (did not finish).  I’ve run three marathons in my life (hated every step), and believe me, it takes a lot of dedication and long weeks of high mileage running to get in shape to finish.  All for naught so some ass-hole(s) can make a statement on Patriot’s Day/ Tax Day.

Well as awe-full as this whole thing is, the media sure as shit took no time in cranking up the Paranoia Machine to 10.  Being very careful to call it “Terror” but leaving off (for now) the “izm”.  Sorry for being such a cynic, but one of the first things that shot to mind was, “Time to invade Iran”.  Hopefully that won’t happen.  But as former President George Bush said, “Fool me once…shame on you.  If ya fool me, ya can’t fool me again.” [Should have been, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me”].

Well, no doubt we’ll learn more as this investigation continues.  And no doubt there’s a couple of armed drones awaiting the culprits.  I just hope that we don’t hear a big rush to war, should it be some Arab terrorists who are responsible.  As The Who said, “I won’t be fooled again”.


Comments on: "4-15-13" (13)

  1. They have a person of interest….a Saudi student (go figure)…..30 years ago it would have been an O’Leary that was of interest….

    • Yeah….Seems like a been there, done that scenario brewing. I think it’d be a trip if it were some white supremest group, rather than Arab terrorist, but it’s all speculation at this point.


  2. It turned into a thoroughly depressing day.

  3. I’m with you Hansi, really bummed and worried about well, everything. Love your drawings.
    If it was you BDAY, pick another day and celebrate:)

    • It wasn’t my B-day; someone else’s . The whole thing is a bummer which I don’t wanna be reminded about.


  4. ‘Seems like horrific news is now the norm. I am ready for a new Normal.

  5. It’s truly dreadful. Lovely drawings though 🙂

  6. I can’t even run half a mile (unless I have a horse under me) but I am nonetheless distressed that this had to happen at all, let alone at an event that is one of the premiere attractions in the marathon world. My only consolation is that there are more sane people than lunatics in this world. The only problem is that the lunatics do damage way out of proportion to their numbers.

  7. Another heart hurt and another and another and another…….ad infinitum…..

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