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Hansi in a Nutshell

3-19-13 002

Okay….More and more there’s a growing disparity between the artwork I’m posting and what’s being written on this blog.  So I decided I’d clarify matters so there wouldn’t be so much confusion about what you’re getting when ya stop by here for a quick hallucination, or “Quicky” as I like to call it.  I’m sure you’ve all had quickies before.  They usually occur when ya don’t have the time for a “longie”, so they’re very fast in nature.  That don’t mean they lack quality, it’s just that the quality is concentrated and over with quickly.  Which in some cases is a good thing, especially when the quickie is against your better judgement, but still deemed worth a shot anyway.  Quickies also require very little thought, are impulsive in nature, and often times come back to haunt ya.

So, that’s what ya get when ya impulsively stop by here for a hallucination. The difference between the drawings and my narratives are:  drawing is drawing, and writing is writing.  They’re two different things.  If I wanted to talk about what it’s like being in a nutshell, instead of just drawing a picture of me sitting in one, I’d probably have to mention it often times has a rough interior, and how it could scratch one’s ass sitting inside, or worse yet, inflame a big pimple ya had ripening back there, and wind up with an ass infection.  But obviously I’d prefer to write about “quickies” and how having one could come around and bite ya in the ass.Late March 008

This is obviously a drawing/art blog, so long narratives are unnecessary, as my skills lay more in figurative works than literary works.  Kinda like Playboy magazine was in the 60’s and 70’s.  Folks used to claim that Playboy often times featured really good articles and stories.  I never read one.  Everybody I knew who picked up a Playboy, was busy opening that centerfold and checking out who Miss August was.

The articles were just filler, so people wouldn’t think that ‘readers’ weren’t just  a bunch of filthy perverts who were interested in boobs, but rather filthy perverts who were interested in literature too.  It’s like the story of author Kilgore Trout, whose work was only published in porno magazines.  Great literature, that no-one ever read.  How’s that for filler?


Comments on: "Hansi in a Nutshell" (17)

  1. Ha, filler.
    Your writing is entertaining as well, Hansi. I must say, you make me laugh. Similar sense of humor…lol.
    Your “quickies” excite me. Completely. The images from your mind that you sketch are amazing and so creative. I dream of being able to pull that off. In my dreams, of course.

  2. A quickie is better than nothing…..I guess I am a pervert…..drawings would be fine with me….but your color commentary is a thing of beauty…

  3. I don’t know… the inside of a nut sounds like a wonderful subject for both writing and drawing

  4. “Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t” – Al Joy 🙂

  5. “Drawing is drawing and writing is writing.” ok, now I understand your blog. No wait, I don’t think I want to. And to fit on a nutshell you are much smaller than I imagined. But small is beautiful.

    • Small is indeed beautiful, and the bigger it gets, the more beautiful it becomes 🙂


  6. Okay, I’ll just look at the art and skip the talk. It’s nice. I like the nut. Both nuts actually.

  7. Quickies have always been fine with me.

  8. You brighten this gray and rainy Vancouver day Hansi and I thank you for it…

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