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Late March 005

I don’t know what happened.  But I sure didn’t get my proportions right when I drew this poor turd.  It’s not his fault.  He was born that way.  If ya gotta find fault, blame it on genetics.  He was probably blessed with a bad combination of genes and damaged chromosomes.  Speaking of which:

What a bunch of absolute horse-shit that big lie of the sixties was: You can damage your chromosomes if you used LSD.  Give me a break!  Introducing chemically engineered substances into your body can never hurt ya.  The Government wouldn’t allow it!  The Government just doesn’t want ya to use drugs.  Mainly because, like Iraq, Afghanistan, possibly soon, Iran, and oh yeah maybe North Korea, we got a war going on with drugs too.  But only Un-Approved drugs, which can have adverse side-effects. Approved drugs are good for ya, and make life better.

Late March 010

That’s why I wanna try every drug I see advertised on TV.  All the folks taking them seem happy.  Especially the couples that take them.  Yep, they have drugs for couples too.  Funny thing is, both people don’t have to take them to enjoy the benefits, only the man.  And that seems to make the woman happy as hell.  Maybe she’s just so glad that her man has finally taken his medicine, that she starts showing him extra attention, and even starts to get a little affectionate in gratitude.  You can just tell that something good is gonna happen as a result.  Maybe like a trip to the spa where they can luxuriate in separate tubs.

Sounds good to me. Better living through modern chemistry.  What could go wrong?


Comments on: "The Boy With The Badly Drawn Left Leg" (25)

  1. HAHA! Hansi, I loved this post.
    First of all, let me say that your lil guy there has some shorty shorts going on. His abnormal leg is the least of this kiddos problem. (Cute as hell, though).
    Second, Drugs.
    I, personally, love the illegal ones. Probably because they are illegal. I’m sure that once Pot becomes legal in Missouri, I’ll quit smoking. Im just drawn to the unattainable.
    Than you for the giggles. I’m still laughing. 🙂

  2. I think i just heard Hunter S. Thompson move…

  3. Dr. Leary would be proud.

  4. I like the disproportion.

    And you’re probably better off using unapproved drugs. The herbal type anyway. Matter of fact, I think you should mix a few yourself and make your own commercial.

  5. Maybe Forceps Boy’s doctor had something to do with this??

  6. haha, the poor turd. Indeed, the leg’s the least of his problems, and he knows it. Laughing like a drain …

  7. The social damage done by licit drugs far outweighs that of illicit drugs.

  8. Naw, just a bee-stung ankle.

    • That would cause considerable swelling, not to mention a possible allergic reaction.


  9. I’d love to see a television commercial for 60s drugs (“…side effects of using LSD may include nausea, fever, thoughts of depression, and deformed body parts. Consult your doctor if you have concerns. LSD is not for everyone…”)

  10. funny but you never say that about the badly drawn butt. Hmmmm that might be an entire hours worth of mediation in and of itself. Making buddhists, one butt at a time.

  11. And the tales I image a young Hansi could tell!

  12. I’m actually less concerned with recreational drug usage than pharmaceutical. Alcohol is so much more of a problem, so the long-term prohibition of “illegal” drugs is really messed up. But just listening to the three minute disclaimers read at the end of an ad for a simple arthritis medicine is downright frightening.

    • I feel the same way, and often go ‘ballistic’ after hearing on of those ads who’s disclaimer is longer than the actual pitch to get you to try it.


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