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On A Roll

3-8-13 007

It’s amazing what one can accomplish when ya do something everyday.  I do a lot of things everyday; The Wife wishes that personal hygiene were one of em.  But I’m not talking about the mundane stuff ya gotta do to survive.  However, I have found that brushing one’s teeth after every meal to be beneficial.

Well, drawing has been one of my almost daily activities for a while now.  Mainly because I have an outlet for them…this blog.

Late March 003

Unfortunately, while on a roll with drawing, my writing has taken a short-term nose dive.  I usually don’t write about what I’ve done drawing-wise.  I mean, how much can ya say about ink and colored pencils?  Anyway, I prefer the contrast between the drawings and what’s written.  Kinda like getting two for the price of one.  Or better yet….three!

geezer 005


Comments on: "On A Roll" (11)

  1. your work seems more eclectic than ever. That’s a good thing

  2. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    What a mind you have, Hansi. I wish I could be as random as you are and as prolific. I admire you so much!

  3. You know, you’ve got a gift for women who are bountiful in the hip department. And I thought it was just above the waist … 🙂

  4. Your posts are always fun!

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your drawings and jottings – they go together more than you might realise.

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