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Thinking Small

3-13-13 004

All the drawings in this series are no more that 3 to 4 inches in size.  Pretty small for a piece of art, unless you’re into miniatures.  I’m not particularly into miniatures (or mini-chairs for that matter).  I guess it’s just a rebellion against the THINK BIG crowd.  [I know that’s shouting when it comes to Internet etiquette, but I had to do it to make my point.  Hope it didn’t hurt your ears].

3-13-13 003

Anyway….We are constantly being encouraged by many self-help gurus, to think big, think outside the box, to expand our horizons.  Sells books, but little else.  Right now, I’m as good as I’ll ever get, so I don’t wanna have to think, and the only thing I wanna expand is my consciousness a bit.  But not that much.  A little is sometimes a lot better than a lot.  So ya never wanna “over do” anything, but  something ya do “over and over”, that’s  okay.  But over and over doesn’t mean constantly!  You can’t do the same thing constantly.  If ya did, it wouldn’t be okay, cause it would no longer be ‘over and over’, but just the same old thing… all the time.

That’s why ya gotta take a break between activities; to keep em fresh.  Henceforth, hereto-with and from now on notwithstanding, I’m doing tiny, wee little drawings.  If ya wanna see em a wee bit bigger, just click on them and they’ll magically enlarge.  Hey…having my wee, wee drawings enlarge by a few inches could be a good thing.  They say size does matter.

3-14-13 003


Comments on: "Thinking Small" (16)

  1. Data compression is never a bad thng

  2. check your glasses prescription. You’re distorting women’s figures so badly I think you must have an emotional moment. What is that “stuff” roping that woman’s head?

  3. Love the distortions! And as a miniaturist, I appreciate small – small works can have a lot of impact.

  4. Love these little ‘uns. The second one is extra fine.

  5. My art school teachers always wanted me to work big, like 18×24 or 22×30, but I always found the creating and enjoying of art – especially illustration – to be a rather intimate affair, so I always bucked their system and worked on small scales.

    • I hear what you’re saying. I’m finding that I have more freedom drawing small. Maybe it’s just psychological, not wanting to waste paper, or take a risk, but it works, and that’s what counts.


  6. The size really adds to the creativity in these pieces. I would think they’re more difficult to do, but reading your responses you say not necessarily. The precision required is what comes to my mind. The third one is a little bizarre, but look who I’m talking to! LOL! I always say I could pick your art out of the crowd…and that’s a good thing. 🙂

    • Yeah,my work is easy to spot…it’s usually the work with no clothes on at all.


  7. I was doing quite a few minis some years ago. I traded with other artists on a website and even sold a few. It was like trading baseball cards. Kinda fun but it can also be pretty intense when you don’t wanna trade with someone.

    • Trade art-work, that’s a novel idea, but I can see what ya mean when ya don’t wanna trade with someone. I’m all for less intensive blogging.


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