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Short-Term Memory Loss

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Here’s a few drawings that have little in common, for which I have drawn a blank when it comes to a narrative.  Maybe I’m suffering from a little short-term memory loss.  If so, the above drawing pretty much illustrates what I’m going through.  Not that Short-Term Memory Loss (STML) is such a bad thing; sure helps me in my drawing.  See, when I’m suffering from an especially good case of STML, everything looks new, and  no longer looks like the Same Old Shit (SOS) that I’ve drawn over and over again, so I can create and  explore the complexities of what’s being put down on paper.  Pretty cool…until I remember, “Oh no, this is the SOS”.

Well, I’m not alone in all this senior dementia.  There’s a whole political party out there that has STML, and hasn’t woken up to the fact that they: 1) Lost the election!!; 2) Had their policies soundly rejected; and 3) Had their candidate and what he stood for, trounced by the public.  In addition, their economic policies created the worst recession since the Great Depression, and wars that have lasted a decade! [You’re goddamned right I blame it on Bush]. But yet they persist with the same tired dogma that has proven not to work, while appealing to fewer and fewer persons.  Thank God for STML, lets ya keep doing the SOS. So, governmental grid-lock persists and the world’s only ‘super power’ manages to stay afloat form one self imposed crisis to the another. Go figure.

3-8-13 008b


Comments on: "Short-Term Memory Loss" (10)

  1. Love your sketches. Cool witch. I like her.

  2. the first one looks like Mary Poppins meets Abe Lincoln. The second is an image I cannot wash from my brain and will give me nightmares. Does it pirouette too?

  3. FDR died Apr 2 1945, Lincoln Apr 4 1865, Napoleon beat at Waterloo June 18,1815, no problem. However, where are my keys, my wallet , the remote, my car, the bathroom ?

    • I hate it when that happens…sometimes I think The Wife moved the bathroom on me when I can’t find it.


  4. These figures are different from your others. I find them very interesting and I loved the floating Mary Poppins meets Abe Lincoln comment. We all see something different, which makes it so intriguing. As for Congressional gridlock, where is it going to end? I don’t think any of us has STML except for what happens when we are completely fatigued from trying to make sense out of conditions that never will be acceptable.

    • Yeah…I’m getting sick n tired of whatever they’re doing in Washington too.


  5. Great drawings Hansi!

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