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Out Of Order.

3-14-13 001

I hate it when things are out of order.  Especially after a long trip, when ya pull into a gas station looking for some relief, only to find that their restroom is ‘Out of Order’.  Talk about being pissed.  Maybe it’s my Germanic heritage, but everything seems to go a lot more smoothly when everything is in order. There’s less room for error, which means there’s less of a chance that something could come around and bite ya in the ass.

Well, I had a real brain fart just the other day, and skipped a page in my sketchbook, leaving it blank, and drew on the one after it.  Now that may not seem like a big deal, but when one strives for continuity, and is very careful to date each entry, it really screws up my chronological order, and presents a dilemma.  What do I do with the blank page?

3-19-13 001

Of course being a total space cadet, I didn’t realize my error until the day after I drew on and dated the subsequent page.  I could have just pulled the blank page from the book, but then The Wife would’ve accused me having ‘male rage’ or suffering from testosterone poisoning or some such shit. Well, as poisonous as testosterone is (especially those on the receiving end of it [and that includes all them guys on the commercials who are wiping that shit on their underarms like deodorant.  I had the awful thought:  What if I had some of that crap in my medicine cabinet (not that I need it of course), and my four year old grandson found it and decided to be like Grandpa, tried some, and wound up with a beard and a new-found  desire to fuck everything in sight explore his sexuality. One of the many side-effects]).

Where was I?  Oh yea…so I couldn’t just it rip out.  But going back the day after and drawing on it was against my principles.  And God knows ya gotta stand by your principles; even if they’re not working, running the country into the ground, and only benefit the wealthy and few.  Unless possibly, I lied and fudged on the date.  That seems to work for most ‘men of principle’, who’s main principal is to stay in office at all costs by keeping their idiot base happy.

3-13-13 002

But no.  I’ll take the High Road (my favorite road*) the road less traveled, and admit that yes,  I totally spaced out and skipped a page.  Like they say in AA, “Hello, my name is Hansi, and I’m a space cadet”.

*  I also like The Road to Perdition.  More traffic on that one, but at times very scenic.


Comments on: "Out Of Order." (19)

  1. Hansi, I had no idea you were so obsessive. Skipping a page is driving you nuts? Is this because you have put a stop to the Merlot…hmmm?
    I have no idea what it means, but I love the illo of the horse and the barber’s pole/magic mushroom x

    • Maybe it is Merlot withdrawal, who knows. I like the little horse drawing too, part of the ink on brown paper with colored pencils thing that I’m into now.


  2. It’s them rigid principles – in non-threatening matters – that often cause us the most needless pain. 😉

    Too much regimentation working for the state I suspect. I know that compulsion.

    Bend that principle every now and then just to see if it really matters in the big scheme of things.

    • I basically follow the rules, but when doing so, I usually bend them a bit 🙂


  3. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-…all good children go to heaven.

  4. Pull a Monty Python (i think it was in their Big Red Book?) and fill that blank page with an explanation as to why “this page is blank.” Leave no margin, write from the very top to the very bottom…. The ramble to end all rambles. Let’s see what comes out….

  5. Great drawings, even though they are out of order!

  6. Germanic? Maybe. I think it’s more likely the testosterone – Husb is totally obsessive about things going right / wrong and had a 30 minute rant about it only this very morning (and he’s a Celt/Viking). I think you’re following in the venerable literary tradition of Tristram Shandy http://instruct.uwo.ca/english/234e/site/supplmts/blckpg.html 🙂

    • Alas – Poor Hansi.

      That was a great link – testosterone charged and all….thanks


  7. ya wanna know what pisses me off? Men who refer to their wives as “the wife”. Ya, now that ticks me off. Seriously. I mean it. Seriously.

  8. ::laughing:: Seriously laughing ~___~

  9. Blank page = conceptual art, zen, exhalation, a space for the spirit to appear in – OR – you could just spill something on it: wine, egg, pure drool – it’s all grist for the mill…

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