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What…No Ink?

Okay.  I’m breaking all the rules here; Pushing the boundaries; Exploring new 3-9-13 001frontiers, Going where no man has gone before.  It’s kinda like a Star Trek adventure, but without ink.  Here we go.  Just passed a bunch of Klingons circling Uranus.

Well maybe it’s not all that epic in nature.  But it’s new for me; something a little different.  Change however, is something ya don’t wanna rush into, cause it could screw everything up.  Just as you’ve gotten things in order, in their place, just how ya want em, change could throw everything into chaos, leaving shit to spin outta control. And control is something ya Never Ever want to give up.  If ya do, then you’re at the mercy of chance or fate.  So I rarely take a chance with change; never know what may happen as a result.  Hell no!  I wanna know everything, so I can plan around it, and avoid the bullshit and enjoy all the good stuff.

Maybe that’s why I was a Probation Officer for 28 years.  When it comes to being in control, there’s nothing like having the law on your side, and not be on the receiving end like my probation clients.  See, I basically resent authority, so what better way to avoid it than by becoming it. [Everybody knows that people in authority are never held responsible for their actions].  So for 28 long, miserable, and sometimes shit-eating years, guess what I did.  Yep, for eight hours a day I would jump in peoples shit, and force them to change, often times against their will: “Sorry Mr Smith, You can’t use drugs while on probation…and ya got to stop beating your wife; Your ass is gonna change, or it’ll end up in jail; now pee in this bottle.”

Now, I didn’t particularly enjoy that; but it was tolerable (saw a lot of bottles of urine in my day).  At least the shit being jumped in wasn’t mine (unless of course, I missed a jump, and splattered it all over the place).  See…I worked in a bureaucracy, where change was glacial, if ever, and following the rules reigned the day. [Unless, again, you thought the rules were bullshit, and ya tried to get around them without your shit being jumped in.]

So…that’s why drawing without Ink and just using the colored pencils is such a big risk for me.  One must always proceed with an abundance of caution!

3-9-13 002

The Lady in this drawing proceeded without caution, and look what happened to her.

3-13-13 001


Comments on: "What…No Ink?" (24)

  1. You would have made a cracking probation officer, Hansi! Ever keep in contact with any of your old “students?”

  2. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Keep at it, Hansi! I love your new style. It’s softer – very appealing!

  3. Is it a statement on not having too much color in one’s life? LOL

  4. No planning needed for this type of change. Just keep playing around and see where it takes you. Maybe nowhere, maybe a whole new style. Doesn’t matter. Art is a journey, not a destination.

  5. You might not be using ink, but no one can accuse you of running dry!

  6. Do you ever just draw a bowl of fruit? I mean it’s boobs and butts, butts and boobs. What’s a woman supposed to find alluring here? *snicker*.

  7. Change is not so bad, it’s just…different…but always be the instigator of your own change, then it’s not so scary.

    • You’re right about that. The best change that’s ever happened to me has been instigated by me. Funny how that works.


  8. This was so interesting to read, Hansi. You are truly talented and obvious to me have a very artistic eye, yet your daily grind was committed to bureaucracy that had to be mind-blowing at times. Did you completely compartmentalize or during a hectic day could you find time to draw, and if you did, were the drawings maybe even more complex during times of stress? As your subject illustrates, too much freedom can lead where you don’t really want to go! 🙂

    • I pretty much had to compartmentalize everything, for it was too hard to switch gears


  9. That drawing at the top of the page is both lovely and well-behaved. The former is skill and talent, but the latter is something rather new!

  10. You mean you don’t always break all the rules and push the boundaries? 🙂

  11. Hey, I’m so wayyyy behind in my comments but just want to say I love to suffer with you – laughing all the way…

  12. ‘Do you ever draw fruit???’ ahahahahaha
    Please keep drawing butts and boobs, because then I can feel good about myself too, since the only fruit I like to draw is lone bananas hanging out with two kiwis…..
    I really like the soft color ^^ It’s p-p-ppppretttty.

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