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A New Book

March 004 b

Nothing better than getting a brand new sketch book.  And when it has brown paper instead of white, that means it’s something special.  And it was, because old Hansi done got this on his birthday from The Wife.  Old Hansi is sure getting older.

What’s really cool is not so much The Wife encouraging me with my drawings, which she considers a huge embarrassment to her in front of the whole world when I post em on the Internet, but what’s cool is brown paper, which enables me to do the same old stuff with a new technique.  Guess I’m just following Big Business, by cranking out the same old shit, but repackaging it slightly, so it can claim to be new and improved without the old side-effects.

Speaking of embarrassing The Wife.  What better way to start out a new book , then with a drawing of a bare ass.

March 005


Comments on: "A New Book" (21)

  1. I would not recommend trying to draw a “bear” ass.

  2. A new book….a new day…..

  3. Is the paper tinted or unbleached? Either way it will be a dream to draw on-makes your color pop!

    • Actually its from Utrecht, and is “oatmeal” color. But yeah, it makes the colored pencils pop out, along with white high-lighting.


  4. Awesome sketchbook, so jealous! I finished my current one today so new one tomorrow but it only has boring white pages….

  5. I love drawing on brown paper, gives a whole different dimension

  6. That’s the joy of brown and “Moleskine-y” paper; you can get away with anything just because it looks so “artsy”. Of course, what really matters is whether you draw on them or not, and I’m digging your lines and colors. BTW, I’ve always felt that the first page of a new sketchbook should not be simply drawn on so much as it should be “deflowered”. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in this book.

    • You’re right about a first page. I suspect that the rest of the book will feature many things getting ‘de-flowered’.


  7. A drawing for your wife to thank her for the new drawing pad is a wonderful way to say thank you!!! Meanwhile, did you see any pics of Sarah at the CPAC speech?

  8. Paul J. Stam said:

    Hansi, first of all I want to thank you again for following Paper, Mud and Me and liking “What makes and Artist.” – Can’t wait to see more from your “new book.”

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