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Drawing vs Illustration

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Sounds kinda like a wrestling match:  In this corner we have drawing.  World light-weight champion.  And in the other corner we have Illustration, arch enemy of Drawing.  No holds bared, 10 rounds, catch-as-catch-can.  Winner takes all.

It used to be that I’d dream up a post and then draw something to illustrate what I was talking about.  That was a challenge cause I had to draw something specific that reflected what was written.  Lately, I’ve been just drawing, and dreaming up some bullshit to go along with it (as is the case in this post).  [But maybe ‘bullshit’ is too strong a word for the light-hearted, good-natured banter loaded with sexual inuendo which often times shows up on this blog, and should be reserved for political utterances.  Although that type of ‘bullshit’ is more like a truth that everybody knows is a falsehood.  Out right lying more aptly describes what politicians do, at least on my side of the pond.]  Just about every post of late, is just another finished page out of my current sketch-book.  Which when posted in chronological order tells a story, documents my progress as an artist, or is a case study in senior dementia.

illustrations 006

Sometimes there’s some actual coherency to the drawings; but I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Maybe I should get more serious about my art (such as it is), and take a life drawing class at the local community college.  They probably wouldn’t let me in.  They’d just be thinking, “here’s another old pervert wanting to see some titties.”

Oh well…maybe all this drawing is just what it is and no more.  That would be fine.

illustrations 007


Comments on: "Drawing vs Illustration" (26)

  1. I think drawing is an artistic activity for its own sake driven by the artist, whereas illustration is an artistic activity driven by some external, often commercial, brief on behalf of others. But then maybe that is too simplistic?

    • I think that’s pretty much right on. But ya gotta keep in mind that most of the ‘great art’ in the world was produced for cash paying patrons; be it Pharaohs, the church, or Medici family.


      • Yes that is very true. In fact a lot of twentieth century art was originally ‘commercial’ art, like many of the famous pictures created for the London Subway that are now published without the poster! I saw a lot of poster work in Switzerland a few years ago that could definitely be called art, however most were very layered graphic images rather than drawing. In the UK illustration has declined over the last twenty years, whereas photography as commercial image making has proliferated. Drawing has survived in the ‘art’ space though, for example Tracey Emin etc. The very latest illustrative work is often multimedia digital. Things keep evolving . . .

  2. To me a drawing is more spontaneous than an illustration…….

    • That’s what I find. My illustrations a thought out, or a vision from the mind’s eye, captured on paper.


  3. I love your quirky style of sketching. Don’t change it. Completely unique.

  4. so you are saying that my blogging is just a journal of my descent into senility? Well Thanks! Draw that!

    • Oh no! I would never suggest that. But if one takes a longer term view of what one does on their blog, it just may be so 🙂


  5. Hope those titties are not those Rubenesque blahs. Kinda partial to the Vargas type.

  6. I think you’ve already proven that you can draw realistically when you want to. Can’t imagine why you would want to take a chance on spoiling your well developed style by taking a drawing class. I don’t know why it’s so hard for artists to appreciate their own style sometimes. I had a friend who insisted on taking a drawing class, and I knew it wasn’t where she should go because her style was so completely hers and so completely unlike anybody else’s. Thankfully she got through the class, proving to herself that she could draw in perspective, etc., and then dropped that nonsense.

    • Wow…that was a very thoughtful comment, and I think/know you’re right. I guess what I’m in need of is more subject matter, as I rarely draw from life. All the great painters of the 19th century were Academy trained and later abandoned most of that nonsense, and explored stuff like Impressionism, Cubism etc.


  7. Dude, as usual your post and related art (not sure if I should call them drawings or illustrations) opens a portal into an alternatve universe of possibilities. Because the issue you raise with respect to drawing vs. illustrating vs. self gratification can be generalized onto all forms of human activity. Consider food where you can have gourmet food, fast food, comfort food, etc. And then you have driving where you can have a grand prix, or a pleasure drive (not likely any more) or a gridlock commute. And then you have wanking . . . Please continue 🙂

    • Wow…never thought about it that way. The Alternative Universe sure beats our present one at times.


  8. “They probably wouldn’t let me in. They’d just be thinking, “here’s another old pervert wanting to see some titties.”

    Not unless they thought they were capable of wrestling you to the ground before you harmed anyone. Then again that might be worth it all. 🙂

  9. Whatever the reason, ya just have to do it. And I’m glad you share it:)

  10. I understand what you’re saying about drawing versus illustration, but both are art, and to be appreciated, I think. I don’t have a bit of talent in either area, but I really appreciate art that is distinctive in style. I think the fact that if i saw one of your pieces away from your blog I could identify it as yours, tells me a lot about your talent. You have a very distinctive style, yet each is fresh and still unique. I hope you can appreciate what talent that really represents!

    • Wow..thank you. Sometimes we don’t recognize our own styles because we’re too close to it all.


  11. Kinda reminds me of the comparison between riding and racing bikes: if you ride, then you’re good enough, and if you race, then you’re never good enough. Same thing with drawing versus illustration: if you drawn, then good enough and have fun, but if you illustrate, then you’re in business and you need to keep fighting to earn income and visibility. That’s the beauty of a sketchbook: the only thing that really matters is whether the page is blank or not.

  12. The thing about coming in on the conversation late is that all the good stuff has already been said – wonderful and thoughtful comments everyone! I do think, however, that we tend to get overly tangled up in the labels and semantics of the act of art. Whatever they are called Hansi – those images you create – they make me as happy as they do you…

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