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Hansi Hallucinating

geezer 002b

A lot of my drawings of late haven’t been making much sense.  But that’s okay, this is Hansi’s Hallucinations.  But enough about that.  The narrative just ain’t happening today.  Sometimes words just get in the way, and they need to be shoved out of the way.  Not in an angry or rude manner.  No, that would never do.  Gotta be polite, things just go more smoothly that way.  Gently nudged is more like it.  Almost like saying, “Words, I don’t need you anymore, would you please leave me alone.”

geezer 001

Have you ever wondered what it would be like Not thinking in words?  Inconceivable, isn’t it?  All I can do is speak for myself, but my thinking is like a non-stop dialogue that runs constantly, evaluating everything, liking or disliking everything.  Wanting and avoiding; most of the time living in the past (when not actively fearing the future).  Rarely present; mostly absent : Checked out – do not disturb.

Maybe that’s why I like to draw.  Subject matter doesn’t matter; process does.  Abiding in the right side of one’s brain (my brain) allows me a break from the Marx Brothers Movie I call my mind [Duck Soup?].  Thinking, or awareness becomes more intuitive, concerning itself with space, form, line and color, and how they all relate to each other visually.  A nice place to be; I think I’ll hang-out there for a while..


Comments on: "Hansi Hallucinating" (18)

  1. Bravo……I am not talented in art but I do let my mind go and write whatever pops up or in….very soothing….

  2. there was a time we did not have language. So I assume we thought in pictures. I can imagine nothing else. Seems like you are into dancing girls at the moment.

  3. I have a weekly head massage and about halfway through, the internal dialogue switches off and I think in colours and shapes. Lovely and very relaxing.

  4. I understand your point Hansi, talk is cheap, draw instead. Think I’ll hang-out there too, Russell.

  5. Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

  6. You are my Zen Master Hansi – thank you, I’ve always wanted one…

  7. Gotta love the benefits of mindlessness … so here’s a classic treat just for you.

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