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Another Side

A side 004

Back in the olden days when everything was real instead of being “virtually” real, records used to have two sides: an A side which contained a groups Big Hit, and a B side which was usually some mediocre filler because one hit was all a group during the fifties could muster.  Sometimes however, a big star like Elvis or Ricky Nelson had ‘hits’ on both sides.  Elvis had a lot of those.

Well, the same thing applies to blogging.  Not every post one cranks out is a Hit; sometimes there’s ‘misses’ too.  Since one cannot turn their computer screen around and still see anything, I thought I’d turn one of my masterpieces over, and show some of my B side material today.

A side 003


Comments on: "Another Side" (13)

  1. Seems like you have two A sides.

    • Possibly, but like many a 50’s group, I fear all my stuff is starting to sound the same.


  2. But without the B could we ever truly appreciate the A?

  3. erfergergerg said:

    Text 914 819-5875 And Meet Singles On Your Cell Phone

  4. okay, so which is which? What is that stuff on they guys face? Is this an OP Art moment? I probably need to eat something.

  5. If the singles are anything like the drawings…….RUN!

  6. I like your B sides as well as your A sides….I don’t think you have to worry too much about producing fillers

    • Thanks. When one does a lot of art (whatever that may be) some pieces are better than others.


  7. To B or not to B – Ay?

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