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Drawing Up A Storm

Journal2 001

Okay…Once again I’m in a drawing groove and crankin’ em out.  However, by the time you actually see this one, I may be in a slump again.  But I’m not in one on February 15th (and not in one on march 6th).  Well, as groovy as that may seem, I”m finding myself in an artistic dilemma of sorts, trying to figure out just how far, how finished, I want to make these ink and colored pencil drawings look.  When to stop work on a piece of art is often just as difficult as when to start.

But I know one thing.  I’m not trying to prove anything, and right now, all this drawing is fun.  So I guess these are ‘finished’ enough.

Journal2 002


Comments on: "Drawing Up A Storm" (16)

  1. Quirky wonderful, Hansi.
    Your drawings morph so creatively; do you do much ‘thinking’ about what you are drawing or does this happen more intuitively?

    • I’d say pretty much intuitively, in that they grow or develope in process. Unless I’m doing a flat-out illustration, then they are planned.


  2. A bonsai on your head…. Nice!

  3. I get the writing up a storm mode …….I have drafts upon drafts…….I guess it is the bane of creativity…..

  4. I love it when you’re in these grooves. Keep ’em coming.

  5. watch out there Hansi, you could be the next Thomas Kincaid….lol..except wait, no, you are a much better artist.

  6. These are marvelous!

  7. Oh I’m so glad you’re groovin’. These are great.

  8. You always draw me in Hansi – keep on truckin’…

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