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More Rough Drafts

Feb 2013 003

Sometimes the creative process becomes a touch daunting (haunting?) for me, and I’m hesitant to draw, because I get this notion that everything I crank out has got to be a masterpiece.   Really good.  A worthy showcase of my ‘talent’.

That’s why I like doing roughs of things that may or may not be developed in the future.  I’ve taken of late, to going back and working on or re-working older drawings.  Taking a second look often helps me see what I hadn’t scene before.  So these two  sketches, lacking in composition, have potential in there somewhere.  I’ll have to revisit them in a few weeks (or perhaps wait til May).  Hope I don’t forget.

Feb 2013 002


Comments on: "More Rough Drafts" (12)

  1. I like the twisted, Timothy Leary, Alice in Wonderland slant in your art. You’ve said you’re not going to get back into oils, but i think you’re mad for ignoring it. Have you ever seen any of Alison Silva’s work?

    • I checked it out,,,very nice. But as far as getting back into painting, well i just don’t know about that.


  2. Here’s a good video on her (if you’re interested)


  3. Masterful is fine! And you are.

  4. I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in…..ah the 60’s….LOL

  5. stuff is definitely getting weirder there Hansi. What’s up? It’s beginning to look a lot like the inside of a mushroom chewer. Love it though!

  6. I didn’t intend it, but I discovered quite some time ago that every single thing I have ever created had at least one noticeable mistake in it. So I just decided to make that my trademark…look for the “mistake(s)”!

    • Is that like Where’s Waldo? I must not be looking hard enough, all your work looks pretty mistake free to me.


  7. Rough work boots are always more interesting than polished office shoes…

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