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The Last Page

2-9-13 002

There’s nothing like the last page of a sketchbook *  It’s the last one, and that signifies closure; end of story: Fini.  I like that because it means that I’ve been doing a lot of drawing.  And if I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, I’ve been doing a lot of something else, and that’s good too.

2-9-13 003

Well these three masterpieces are the last ones (in ascending order) from an old book I had laying around with some blank pages left. I like using a brown paper with ink and colored pencils for it allows me to use a white pencil for highlighting and adding volume to my figures.

2-9-13 004

*Actually the last page of a sketchbook should be like the first page, and all in between, unless you’re using some cheapo art supplies, or stealing Zerox paper from work.


Comments on: "The Last Page" (18)

  1. I’ll avoid commenting on middle picture. Yes, white is very effective color in colored pencil and many creative effects are available with it.

  2. You think you are “fini” my friend. Ha! The closing of one sketchbook leads to the opening of another. There is no end in sight. Like <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus"Sisyphus you are destined to repeat your actions for eternity and beyond.

    Sheesh! I seem to be in this evil Dr. No character all of a sudden.

  3. Larry beat me to it. One ends, lament, new one begins, excitement!

  4. Yeah, last word my buttikins. That’s like asking me am I done speaking yet? Yes, just enough to catch my breath. New Topic!

  5. And those sketchbooks can be a family treasure, Hansi. My mother-in-law was an artist and her sketchbooks, many of them very rough outlines of future paintings, are now very important to us. If I study the progression from beginning to the last page they tell a piece of her own story. Your artistic expression will inspire a lot of conversation for future generations, I have no doubt! 🙂

  6. I’ve nearly finished a sketchbook too! I get very excited about it.

  7. The last page is a little disconcerting because that you’ve got to start a new sketchbook. That’s why I keep at least three at a time;) Loving the drawings!

  8. “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from”.

    T. S. Eliot

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