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Finally, Another Vision

Feb 2013 001

You know, I wasn’t having any visions there for a while.  Seemed like they all up and vanished.  But then, I closed my eyes, and sure as shit, I see another vision.  I know what I was doin’ wrong.  I had my eyes open all the time, and instead of seeing any new visions, I was seein’ the same old crap,

Wow, what a difference closing my eyes made. I’m gonna start closing my eyes more often.  Hope I don’t fall asleep though.  Closing your eyes to what’s going on around ya is one thing.  Being totally asleep is another (unless of course it’s bed-time).  Sleeping is a world unto itself.  Especially if you have vivid dreams.  I mean totally wierd-ass stuff that could never happen in real life, like all the subconscious crap we process and try to make sense of daily.   Some of my dreams are really trippy.  Boy am I glad when I’m sometimes jolted awake after an especially good one, and to my relief, find it wasn’t real.

I think what I’d like to do is spend half of my time with my eyes closed, and the other half with them open.  Wonder if I  closed one eye, would I be able to see visions, while keeping the other eye open so I don’t crash into stuff.  The hard part would be which eye to pay the most attention to, and which one ya could pretty much ignore.  I think I’d probably go for closing both eyes, so then I could see the whole vision instead of just half of it.


Comments on: "Finally, Another Vision" (8)

  1. perfect color choice

  2. I love these rambles!

  3. that “woman” looks fairly androgenous doncha think? Are those chicken wings? I think I might be hungry. I missed breakfast this morning.

  4. “In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king”…

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