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Wine and Weed

WW 008

Okay…it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of mind state I was in when I did this drawing.  I guess it’s not as subtle as my usual stuff.  I was thinking about going on a rant about The War On drugs.  But we lost that one long ago. [ Sorta like our little venture in Afghanistan; nobody thinks it’s still a good idea, the population over there hates our asses, yet we stay on for some noble reason or another].

Actually, I was trying to do something like the front page or cover of a comic-book, with the lettering blazing over the images.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a comic book about a old retired guy who got stoned and then drove around and did wine tasting all day?  He could then report all his adventures, along with commentary on all the fine wines he’d purchased (and medical marijuana dispensaries he stopped by), along the way.  “Why Hansi, that’s exactly what you should be doing.”

I think Not.  If I spend over five bucks on a wine at Trader Joes, I’m thinking to myself, “I’m drinkin’ the good shit tonight!”  Plus, I don’t wanna get popped for a DUI, then I’d end up on one of the probation caseloads I help mange as a “part-timer” in Probationland.  I wonder is my boss would let me “supervise” myself on probation?

Nope, drugs can be bad news, and alcohol will tear you up (tore up, from the floor up).   Finding a happy medium is often times difficult.  A lot of my friends who were big ‘acid-head’ hippies in the 60’s never touch weed anymore, but are happily drinking their asses off.  Then there are those “working a program” and need to maintain sobriety all the time.  I admire them, cause it’s a big insight to see that one has a problem and needs to take steps to actively deal with it.

I think everybody and everything likes to get high, and experience an altered mind-state, be it drugs, alcohol, sex, meditation or whatever.  Intoxicants are the fastest way, sex takes a while and usually only happens on Friday nights.  But meditation offers insight and liberation, and, is non addictive.  Plus, it’s a lot less expensive than the aforementioned alternatives.  Hmmm…maybe I should get back into it.


Comments on: "Wine and Weed" (16)

  1. And a big happy Valentine’s day to you too! lol…the good old days. of sex, drugs and rock and roll. I think it’s time to take a serious trip down memory lane!

    • Sex, drugs and rock n roll never get old, but sadly we do. Happy Valentines day to you also. That Contrarian guy better take you out to dinner somewhere nice.


  2. My time in S. Vietnam I found adrenalin a powerful drug and very addictive…….was hard to come back to a place where adrenalin had no place…..but found that research was very pleasing and less dangerous….

  3. Happy Valentines Day, Hansi. Think I’ll order a galss of wine with dinner tonight. Hope you fave a great night.

  4. ‘Finding a happy medium’ ohohoh…..I found a happy medium once……she was just pleasingly plumb and thought I had crystal balls. Gave a great reading. Hey, to be honest, I always liked a Moroccan Gold with a sweet German white wine. Combination was tasty.

  5. Comfortably numb!

    You might want to explore this both in writing and drawing–I especially like the assertion about men’s vs. women’s farts:


    • Yes indeed, very comfortably numb.

      I don’t know about farting on plains. I prefer just plane farting :) But then again, when I was in the mid-west, I did fart on the plains.


  6. Your posts are usually so sober. 🙂

  7. wisdom rolled with humour and smoked with a circle of friends…

  8. Did the weed and wine but drank wine with vodka. Boonesfarm, right ? Acid too. Then 35 years alcoholism. Clean and sober 11 years Mar 3. Glad for those experiences but becoming a geezer I really appreciate and value the unadulterated, unbastardized, pure , clean, undistorted and wholesome apprehensions of things, places and people , esp grandkids.

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