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A Letter To Ziggy

zigelope 001


ziggy 002

Okay, and let me refresh your memories.  I got an actual (you know like in the mail) letter from Ziggyshortcrust.  She’s writing 365 handwritten, and illustrated, letters this year.  That almost comes out to one a day, and is certainly much more challenging than anything I do daily.  So, part of the deal was that I’d write her a letter back.

ziggy 005

Thing is, Ziggy has exceptionally nice handwriting, and does exquisitely fine ink drawings.   Plus she must live close to a Post Office, cause she’s gotta be going there everyday!  Any way, this whole thing presented a challenge.  And a nice challenge it was, cause it made me focus on a task at hand and do something a little different, like drawing something that someone would actually see…in person.    Whoa!

It got me to thinkin’, I follow other bloggers who do art, or write some great rants, wouldn’t it be a trip to get a piece of their work in the mail?  I think so.

So, if you are interested in trying something totally revolutionary, and get a letter in your mail box, and I’m talkin’ about the one hanging on your front-door, and not this g-mail bullshit, then sent me an email with your address, and I’ll send you a Hansi Letter.   But, and here’s the thing, you gotta write me back!  Cause I’m gonna post all my letters to you (with great care given to confidentiality) and wanna post what you send me if that’s okay.

Just think, you could have your own original Hansi, and I could have one of your creations.  Mine are on heavy paper and very absorbent, so if ya hated the drawing you could always use it to mop up spills, or, use as a coaster to place your beer bottles on, so The Wife doesn’t jump in your shit about ruining all her good furniture

Well how do we get in contact with you Hansi.  Well you mail me!  Or, you have my e-mail address if I make comments on your blog.  Email me and give me your address.  Or make a comment (that always works). It would be a great joy to write you.


Comments on: "A Letter To Ziggy" (9)

  1. Cool idea, I’m cogitating (avert your eyes)…

  2. oh, just take a big old brush, fill it with paint, and fling it against a piece of paper. That would be my art work. …lol..

  3. Way to go Hansi! That is brilliant. Can I write back so I get another gorgeous letter?

  4. The two of your are kindred spirits, twins from different mothers, soul mates of the drawing pad.

  5. What a lovely idea 🙂

  6. If I wake up some morning having been struck by the creativity muse you’ll definitely hear from me! I love the idea…you artists intimidate me, however. Of course, I’m creative in other ways, I just can’t think of how. 🙂

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