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Sputnik and Satellite TV

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I don’t know about you, but when the Russians launched the  Sputnik satellite in the fifties, I was blown away.  Now I have my own satellite up there in space right next to God and Jesus, and it’s not just up there making a beeping noise, but up there fulfilling all my viewing and entertainment needs.  I said enough of this cable crap, I wanted something from outer space to satisfy my viewing needs.  And now I got it, my own satellite, with dish on my roof,  so I can receive all those extra-terrestrial signals right into my own living-room.  How cool is that?

We take a lot of things for granted these days, but all the technological crap we have  available today far exceeds any expectations of “wouldn’t it be cool if” when I was a kid. Now I got to admit it, I like watching TV.  I grew up watching all the classic TV shows of the fifties and sixties, and they made a big impression on me.  From the Mouseketeers, Disneyland and Lassie, to my favorite, The Twilight Zone.  I was eating that stuff up on a nightly basis.

Now, technology has brought me more TV than I could ever see, all the music one could want, plus, you can even buy stuff on-line and never have to go into another store again.  Why it’s a virtual paradise.  Although I still don’t have my own personal helicopter in my backyard, and do miss the inflatable woman I used to have; nothing better than the feel of cool, skin-colored, plastic.

But sometimes I do wonder, what would life be like without TV?  I got a taste of that after I got busted by the Cable Company and they severely cut the number of stations I’d had grown accosted to, but not paying for.  At first I went through withdrawals, but then I noticed I was a lot more calmer not watching all that political crap on MSNBC, and had more time to read, rather than watch yet another re-run of NCIS.  Wonder what life would be like without TV altogether?

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Comments on: "Sputnik and Satellite TV" (21)

  1. “We take a lot of things for granted these days, but all the technological crap we have available today far exceeds any expectations of “wouldn’t it be cool if” when I was a kid.”

    Granted there are some pluses to technological advances but I am now of the mind set that we should be careful what we wish for. We may get it and regret it. The thing is, we never know what we have until its gone.

    Not that we can’t engage in more brain stimulating and social energetic activities but the playing field is now obstructed with all of the pseudo forms of life that have replaced real experiences and there may be no putting that Genie back in the bottle.

    • Amen…Tweeting, texting and drones that can take-out American citizens. I can live without all of it, and quite nicely.


  2. Drawing reminds me of ET having a meltdown. Hi Hansi!

  3. Frankly I dislike them all. I want to simply get the channels I want. I hate these packages. Why can’t they just price each channel and let me decide which ones I want. It pisses me off no end.

  4. The Twilight Zone always scared the bejesus out of me, but I had to watch it anyway.

    • That’s what made it so good, and re-living an episode again that night via scary dreams made it that much better.


  5. Your sister Heidi said:

    Congradulations for being on sat! I’ve been on for years now and the advantage of living in small Europe is that our sat pulls in from everywhere. Not only do I have the german channels (including porn!), I can pull in channels like Polonia 1, TRT TURK, RTV Montenegro, Channel 5 Ukraine, Armenia TV, TV7 Tunis, TV Arabia, Iran Music (!!!),AL BAGHDADIA, and Thai Global just to mention a few!!! A blow mind is watching arabian commercials. Have fun viewing.

    • How cool…I don’t get porn, or more correctly, I refuse to pay for it. Sex is not a spectator sport in my opinion.


  6. I remember black and white tv and life without remote controls. I love the Internet, but technology does get overwhelming at times.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I watch far less TV than I used to and I don’t own a TV. But I can go next door and watch my sister’s, which is a better thing to do because we make it a family event. Of course, some nights we don’t turn on the TV, but sit and do crossword puzzles. I’m a little worried, though, because I discovered Amazon Prime and I can watch movies and tv shows on my iPad. It’s addicting.

  8. hahaha inflatable plastic woman hahaha. Over here, we have inflatable plastic sheep hahaha

  9. I don’t remember, I think it was Thursdays around 7:30 PM. One lady , Mrs. Wier had a color TV set ! Right there in the living room ! She let the entire 3 blocks’ worth of kids come over and watch Batman. It was like being at the movies. We were so thrilled. The best invention of our time is that God helps the bachelor micro wave.

  10. We might get the answer to your question if that asteroid that’s supposed to come screaming by takes out your satellite. I hear it’s going to be closer than satellites in orbit!

  11. Try it – you might never go back…

  12. No TV is fantastic.

    It lets you discover other inane, pointless ways to waste your time.

    I’m pretty sure there is some sort of Law Of Conservation Of Squandered Time in effect.

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