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January Twentyfive

More luck 004

I love double entendres, words or phases that can have two meanings, cause if one meaning is good, two is often times better.  Take the line from the above quoted blues song, “Let Me Ride In Your Automobile”.  Needless to say, the song wasn’t about transportation per say, although it seems like the singer wanted to be enjoy some time behind the someones ‘wheel’: a double entendre.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Too many cooks can spoil the stew”.  That’s certainly a truism, and could get your ass “Chopped” from any kitchen.  I like Robert Cray’s version better:

Too many cooks are gonna spoil the stew

Too many cooks are gonna spoil the stew

Too many cooks are gonna spoil the stew

There ain’t nobody cookin’ but me and you

A nice sentiment.  A couple cooking together.  Must be big Food Channel fans.  Robert however takes it up a notch, and Bam!

Too many cooks are trying to get in your kitchen

The first thing ya know there’s something missing

You got a real good oven, you got a hot range too

Let me butter your buns, while you stir the stew.

Nothing better than a woman with good appliances (and a finely tuned  automobile).  All goes well, as long as they ‘re both running in proper order.  Sometimes one may to check under their hood for a little tune-up.  Robert goes on to say:

The stew you’re cooking, it smells so good

It’s got everybody talking in the neighborhood

Your spice’s so spicy, your sugar so sweet

Your meat is so tender and your juice a treat.

Sounds like this chic should open a restaurant with all those ‘culinary’ skills.  Maybe even do a little ‘catering’ on the side.  But no-way! Too many cooks could spoil that stew.  Ain’t nobody cooking but me and you!

More luck 003


Comments on: "January Twentyfive" (20)

  1. My fave is Alberta Hunter singing (at age 80-something) “My Handy Man Ain’t Handy No More” —

    Whoever said a good man was hard to find,
    Postively, absolutely sure was blind;
    I found the best that ever was,
    Here’s just some of the things he does:

    He shakes my ashes, greases my griddle,
    Churns my butter, strokes my fiddle;
    My man is such a handy man!

    He threads my needle, creams my wheat,
    Heats my heater, chops my meat;
    My man is such a handy man!

    Don’t care if you believe or not,
    He sure is good to have around;
    Why, when my furnace gets too hot,
    He’s right there to turn my damper down!

    For everything he’s got a scheme;
    You ought to see his new starter that he uses on my machine;
    My man is such a handy man!

    He flaps my flapjacks, cleans off the table,
    He feeds the horses in my stable;
    My man is such a handy man!

    He’s God’s gift!

    Sometimes he’s up long before dawn,
    Busy trimming the rough edges off my lawn;
    Oooh, you can’t get away from it! He’s such a handy man!

    Never has a single thing to say,
    While he’s working hard;
    I wish that you could see the way
    He handles my front yard!

    My ice don’t get a chance to melt away,
    He sees that I get that old fresh piece every day;
    Lord, that man sure is such a handy man!

    Watch her sing it live, it’s priceless! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLoPKQZRjOQ

  2. Marvin Sease….Candy Licker

  3. I don’t think there was a song with these lyrics but they seem to fit the theme you’re “stroking” here.

    “Baby let me park my Cadillac in your garage”

    “Honey”, she says, Your Volkswagen will fit just fine with room left over”

  4. Men are all the same. I swear, How you guys ever built the world is beyond me. But then when you look at it, buildings and cars? just phallic symbols in the end I guess.

    • Some things are a mystery indeed, and beyond comprehension for those who are wee-wee challenged.


  5. Made me smile from beginning to end!

  6. mmmm buttered buns mmmmmmm

  7. You’ve served up a real good stew of double entendres here. Nothing I like better x

  8. And then there’s this:

  9. Yeah, they do take a while to get to the point, but this version is a lot better than the Rolling Stones version.

  10. Usta love getting stewed

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