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I’m trying something new here, so bare with me.  Usually when I draw in my sketchbook, I draw up and down, holding my sketchpad like you’d hold and read a   book.  But I got a wild hair, and decided to break the rules and turn it 90 degrees clockwise, and instead of drawing up and down, I’d try drawing something from side to side (sideways).  I know…pretty far out.  I must have been a little “sideways” at the time myself.

You may scoff, but this was a big deal.  I’m basically a “rule follower” in my personal life, and was even a “rule enforcer” in my professional life (what a joke)  as a probation officer.  Following the rules was real important to me then [now I think of rules more as suggestions, whose following is optional].  So turning a sketch Book sideways was never an option cause it was a book, and you’re supposed to read books up and down, never sideways.  [It’s okay to read magazines sideways, cause then the centerfold opens up more easily, but ya still end up going from top to bottom: although sometimes I start in the middle and work my way out].

So maybe I was feelin’ a little friskie when I did this one.  I liked it; The Wife didn’t.  She doesn’t like it when I get “friskie”, for fear that it may be contagious and rub off on her.


Comments on: "Sideways" (22)

  1. You are a wildman, Hansi! : )

  2. So what bizarre thing will you do next? Draw on the ceiling? Somebody already invented that , some nut in Italy a few centuries back, I think .

  3. You wanna do something REALLY crazy? Turn the pad 45 degrees and watch the world spin out of control. 😉

  4. Is that the same as the reverse cowgirl ?

  5. You need more porn in your diet….LOL

  6. The title to this post scared me for a minute. An old boss of mine used to finish unpleasant conversations with the phrase, “Sideways. With hooks.”

  7. Pretty risky business there Hansi. I’d be very leery of that 90 degree stuff. You never know….best to stick to rules. lol…

  8. hahaha so funny. I like to read magazines from back to front

  9. Only frisky when you did this one? Okay.

  10. Next thing you know, you’ll be hanging upside down, holding your sketchbook at the 3/4 perspective angle and drawing with your opposite hand. First thing comes the 90 degree turn in your sketchbook, and the slippery slope quickly follows!

    • You’re right. Breaking the rules only leads to destruction…or some interesting experiences. Might just try it.


  11. Try drawing on toilet paper with your eyes closed – very trippy…

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