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More luck 002

Okay, I think it’s readily apparent that this is not a “serious” art blog.  Nor is there much else to be taken seriously when one stops by here for a hallucination.  For me, drawing all this stuff is more of a process, that I enjoy very much, whose end result varies radically in quality.

I’m not a “cartoonist” per-say, but was greatly influenced as a Teen by the early illustrators of Mad Magazine: Jack Davis, Bill Elder and Wallace Wood in particular.  The above drawing, which is totally lacking in any meaningful subject matter, was ‘roughed-out’ in pencil, then gone over in Ink, with the pencil lines erased.  Kinda like they did/do in comic books.  This process allows me a lot more control, versus the below drawing, which was just drawn with a pen.  [I know, I can’t tell the difference either.]

1-24-13 003


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  1. I learned how to draw by copying cartoons and thought I wanted to be a cartoonist at one time. I’t really not my genre but like yourself, I enjoy dabbling in it.

    • Wow….that’s cool. I guess a lot of us kids go through that phase. I’m kinda drifting back into it more and more as I get older.


  2. Whatever your process it works like my bowels in the morning – irreverent, loud, loose and a release of brilliance. Always hoping though for a serious hallucination…

    • That’s the first time Someone has likened my art to taking a dump, but it’s fairly accurate :) Serious hallucination? Maybe.


  3. People in your drawings have a strong tendency to be connected to other bodies, sort of like siamese twins. I wonder what THAT means?

  4. I can see the Mad Magazine influence! You do have a very unique self-expression that always invites a little study. Each illustration captures different perspectives that work almost like optical illusions. I always wonder if you “see” them first, or new characters just just continue to pop out.

    • They mostly just pop out, but sometimes I see a vision and do my best to bring it to life.


  5. I think our friend Totsy would be good at cartoons. The hard part is creating the joke. Any of dozens of art styles can be used to convey the idea graphically. I draw in pencil, retrace refinement in pen then scan to clean up and color with gimp.

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