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Bad Luck

luck 001

I hate it when I hit a streak of bad luck.  Seems like nothing is going right, and everything is turning into shit.  Bummer when that happens.  It’s like Albert King said, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”  However, as  Howlin’ Wolf said, “I ain’t superstitious, but a black cat crossed my path.”  So I do everything I can to ensure that I always have good luck, or the best luck I can,  given the  situation.

Now I don’t consider myself “Lucky”.  I never win anything, but then again, I ain’t out there wasting my money on lottery tickets.  I hate gambling, and rarely leave anything to chance, except when I draw in my sketchbook.  I’ve “got lucky” in the past, but those occasions where few and far between, with too much recovery time involved for me to wanna rush back into a “lucky” relationship again.

I am lucky I could retire from Probationland at age 57.   And lucky I can still work part-time therein.   Although luck really had nothing to do with eating shit for thirty years, putting up with ass-holes and fools, while trying to deal with ‘clients’ at the same time.  I’m also lucky that none of that had a lasting impact on me, or in anyway colored my outlook on life whatsoever.  Oh yeah…look at how my luck is changin’ as we speak.  I got this in the mail today:

More luck 006


Comments on: "Bad Luck" (17)

  1. Looks like Congratulations are in order. Your luck has changed. Now go out and raise that credit limit.

  2. Or as Carol King wrote, “I been down so long Bottom looks like up”.

  3. I see your bank’s playing a new game called “The Money or The Girl”.

  4. How does that 5% off every day work?

  5. How come I never get mail like that?…

  6. Born Under A Bad Sign….excellent choice……

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Great! So now what part of your house will you remodel? Obviously, Lowe’s knows something – like how much you really enjoyed the last remodeling experience…

    • Ooooh don’t mention the “R” word. I’m still in recovery from the kitchen experience. I did get a Lowes credit card during the remodel, only cause they give ya 5% off every purchase ya make with it.


      • I gotz some luck the other day….day old bakery half-off. seems like the cut off the top of the bread….and the half that wasy left was pretty crusty. oh well, when life gives you crusts, make coutons!

      • Wow…that’s almost like turning lemons into lemonade (hopefully sweetened) except it’s with bread.


  8. Always cheers me up 🙂

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