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Waiting For A Vision

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Waiting for stuff to happen is really hard for me.  Especially good stuff that I’m looking forward to.  Delaying gratification is not my strongest suit. So I was sitting around one night (January 5th to be exact) wondering what should I draw in my brand new sketchbook that The Wife gave me for Christmas.

I started scribbling something  down, and low and behold, a vision appeared.  But it didn’t appear in my mind first, where visions usually occur, but in my sketchbook.  It wasn’t the vision I was lookin’ for, but it was still a vision, so it counted.  Funny when that happens.


Comments on: "Waiting For A Vision" (13)

  1. They need some of this vision stuff in Wash DC. It seems they have none for economic, societal and environmental future.

  2. You’ll miss a lot of stuff if you’re looking too hard for it. 😉

  3. there is really something to the idea that when you kind of let the mind go, some of the most amazing stuff leaks out. I find that is especially true in my writing. You stuff is getting so good it’s gonna demand a show!

  4. Gotta love and cherish those visions however they arrive…fabulous drawing Hansi…

    • I do cherish those visions when they come. It’s just hard waiting for em when you have your sketchbook open and pen in hand.


  5. This vision came out nicely.

  6. You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you just might find
    You get what you need.

  7. Thanks for the bubble!

  8. Visionary vision! 🙂

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