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Dripping With Love

Love 001

Today I noticed in my tiny galaxy in the Blog-o-sphere, that there was a lot of Love being shared.  Someone got an award, another was just feelin’ happy and content, others were sharing their artwork; not a bad vibration to be found.  So I too thought I should share Love, and let some of it drip on you.

Love 003

Okay, maybe I get a little obsessed at times, and when the though of “Dripping Love” came to me, well…it through me for a loop.  See, I’m fascinated with words and how they can sound alike, yet have different or double meanings.  Now everybody knows that Love is something that should radiate outwards and upwords.  The thought of it being pulled down by gravity, is more indicative of Lust; a close cousin of Love, but not the real deal.  Stuff that drips is usually greasy and a tad bit slimy.  And although it may look nice and taste good at the time, it is usually bad for you.  It’s important to know the difference

Love 002

Comments on: "Dripping With Love" (18)

  1. The first drawing is symbolic…at least to me…..well done, my friend…

  2. I’m thinking. Don’t disturb me. Wow. I’m thinking a lot! Have a nice Inaugural!

  3. Dripping love means someone has to clean up afterwards 🙂

  4. Sure you’re not Sigmund Freud brought back to life and transplanted to California …?

  5. Yeah. My brother and I made up some alternate words to this song which I think nicely captured the concept of dripping love. But I will say no more.

    • I remember that song, but couldn’t get my mind off the alternative lyrics that could easily go along with it. Thanks


  6. Terrific drawings!

  7. I think there are special plumbers for this state of affairs…

    • I sure hope so. One would never get any sleep at night with a constant drip, drip, drip of love going on.


  8. … and I wonder what was in your mind when you drew the last one.

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