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A Letter From Ziggy

ziggy 006

Oh Boy Oh boy!  I got a letter from Ziggyshortcrust today.  All the way from Merry Old England  to Sunny Southern California where we’re freezing our asses off with weather that’s been  getting down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night.  Ain’t no sitting in the hot-tub these evenings with a glass of wine at them temperatures.

Anyway,  Ziggyshortcrust is one of my favorite artist bloggers, who does exquisite finely drawn ink drawings.   Well, she set herself the task of writing (by hand, and I don’t mean index fingers hunting and pecking at a keyboard) a letter a day for 365 days.  That’s probably gonna take her all year long to do that, and sure beats my attention span.  Now who would have ever come up with such a revolutionary idea: a hand written letter, in an envelope and sent by post.  How retro!

Well, she did a post asking if any of her readers wanted a letter, and I replied, “Hell Yes!  I want a letter from Ziggy.”  And voila: this is what I got.   How totally unbelievably cool to get a letter, with original art-work, of one of her favorite subjects: Elves.  I love it.

ziggy 005

So…now I gotta get busy and write Ziggy back.  I promised I would.  Wonder if we have any stamps; just can’t press the send button.  Thank you for the letter Ziggy.


Comments on: "A Letter From Ziggy" (21)

  1. She seems to share your whimsy about big-busted females. I think I’ll request a letter too. 🙂

  2. handwritten letters. A lost art. Ever notice how literate even the Civil war soldiers were in their letters home? Eloquent actually. We are becoming a world of BFF and LOL. Sad isn’t it?

    • Twitter and texting is doing the English language no favors. I’m in the process of composing a letter in response to Ziggy, and finding it most challenging. It will be highly illustrated.


  3. Nice of Ziggy to write folks. That’s a lotta stamp money though. Lotta busy work period.

    • Yeah all that postage can add up, especially if you’re mailin’ out of the country. But it’s worth it!


  4. What a great letter! Ziggy is uber talented.
    Good thing you’ve been practicing your handwriting, Hansi…

  5. Wow, how beautiful! Love the Kombi too. Bet you did have a Kombi somewhere, sometime.

  6. Real paper, real envelops, stamps and a human touch – better keep it in a safe.

  7. How wonderful … and I hope you show us your response!

  8. Real letters are a rare enjoyment these days. I know only two people who do this. One because they of the age and two because they wish to renew the concept of creative letter writing. I clearly remember when letter writing was THE way to communicate, except for expensive phone calls. How quickly things change – treasure the retro moment…

    • I think the low cost of email (zero$$) and things like Skype have improved communication between people. But things like Twitter and texting are destroying language skills.


  9. Lucky you – she’s so talented…..

    • You could get one to, and she would have to pay much postage cause ya both live in England.


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