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Time for Some Ink

new 13 004

And now, it’s time to add some color.

ink 002

Most things in the world are not  black and white.  We live in a world of color.  And, a world of magic, which allows one to show the same drawing at different stages via the wonder of digital photography.   I like the bottom version best.  Maybe because its a little “off color”.


Comments on: "Time for Some Ink" (12)

  1. You’re right, Life does look good when you’re drawing.

  2. Draw on, Hansi. Love that poor little bird.

  3. Damn! I thought you were getting a tat….LOL

    • Oh…No tattoos for my ancient ass (or on it too). I prefer paper, not my body as a canvas.


  4. I like both versions. Draw on and on and on!

  5. I like tatoos, just not a body filled with tatoos. That just looks too Pollack to me. As you know, I don’t like Pollack. I can throw paint damn it.!

  6. Coloring off-colored drawings – nice! BTW, the inner thigh detail is awesome.

  7. The colored version is great. I do enjoy staring at your work and finding the faces embedded in other bodies. They are visually so interesting and complex.

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