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Looking Back

looking back 001

Okay…it’s the start of a new year, and time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the one ahead.  So in the spirit of reflection, I choose to ignore all that warm and fuzzy crap and make no resolutions whatsoever.  I think I’m good enough just the way I am and don’t need to change nothin’!

There could be 10 lbs less of all this self-content perfection.  And I’m working on that; but not as a resolution.  Cause I think resolutions are just vehicles for failure*; their goals rarely achieved.  So that’s why I’m looking forward and not backwards at this time of year.  Not only do I avoid tripping over a bunch of shit and falling on looking back 003my ass by looking forward, my outlook is much more positive.  Dig this:  One can never see the future, nor see the past, all we can truly see is the present.

And speaking of presents, here’s a bunch of drawings I did recently.  You can consider them a present present, from me to you.

looking back 002

*  Wouldn’t it be a trip if you could actually rent a “vehicle for failure”?  Hertz or Avis?  I don’t know if I’d wanna be billed as #1 in vehicles for failure.  All I know is that all the vehicles for failure that I own, are properly registered and in good running order.  But I never drive them when intoxicated, unless I’m drunk.


Comments on: "Looking Back" (22)

  1. Not look back but retain the lessons.

  2. Will be working on that 10 pounds also. Never make resolutions, though. When I used to work out regularly at the gym, every January it would be so crowded you could hardly get in there. Then about mid-February, it was back to “normal”.

    • I’ve never seen that phenomena at my gym. Maybe because by mid February I’m gone too.


  3. Hell, I’m looking in front of me a lot of times and still run into things. Friggin’ prescription glasses.

  4. My motto for the year: “A year of mindful mindlessness.”

  5. Never a truer word spoken.

  6. I’d never turn down a gift drawing.

  7. Poor Lot’s wife. Was her name even identified? I only recall her to be known as that or a pillar or salt. What a way to be remembered. And taking lessons from her, I believe time stands still.

    • Come to think of it, she had no name, except maybe Mrs Lot (who had no last name).


  8. : )
    Best wishes for the new year, Hansi. I like your attitude!

  9. LOL! Happy new year, Hansi!

  10. Looking ahead with lessons from the past while holding a filled wine glass. Meanwhile, interesting pocket buttons and nose.

  11. PS: Happy New Year, Hansi!

  12. Don’t know if I’m coming or going this time of year – so I’ll just dance with you down Perdition’s Road….Tra la la la…

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