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Putting the X back into Xmas

2 gifts 007

The Christmas spirit has bitten me in the ass.  Visions of Sugar Plums are dancin’ in my head.  Tis the season to be jolly and deck my halls with bowels  of holly.  I feel like dashing through the snow naked in a one-horse open sleigh, but in Southern California, it’s windy, and the hot Santa Ana winds are staring to kick up.  May have to cut it down from Twelve days to just One day of Christmas Xmas the way things are goin’.

Naughty or nice notwithstanding, I’ve made my own hallucinogenic gifts for my two adult children.  They love getting that “special gift” from dear ol Mom and Dad.  Just think of it, a hand-drawn picture by Daddy, that was previewed worldwide on his own blog.  I sure hope they’ll like em?

2 gifts 008


2 gifts 009


Comments on: "Putting the X back into Xmas" (20)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    They are wonderful gifts. Homemade are the best! So what if you can’t spend those – they will be cherished memories!

    • Actually they can spend em. Those are real $100 bills therein. The perfect gift from someone who hates to shop, and, for those who like to buy stuff.


  2. Oh, they’ll like’em just fine:)

  3. It’s the thought that counts.


    Merry Xmas Hans.

  4. Oh yeah, who wouldn’t like a handmade gift… ; )

  5. so don’t quit your day job to become a poet. I’ll take the real thing as to the dough, none of that fake “personalized” crap for me. Ho Ho. I just made brownies and have a bundt cake in the oven. Heaven help us, I’m cooking again.

    • Hmmm..brownies and bundt cake. Someone’s got the munchies. Sounds like the Holidays are in full swing at Casa de Peyton.


  6. Since the world did not end….I have a really problem now….having to buy Xmas gifts….darn the luck! LOL

  7. They will love the gifts hansi. Maybe not a good idea to dash through the snow naked but what the heck give it a go.

  8. Dashing through the snow naked with visions of sugar plums? I think you should give it a go too. And what a wonderful way to the make the gift of money that bit more exciting. Have a wonderful Xmas Hansi, see you in the New Year x

  9. I’m sure somewhere in the Angeles Mountains there’s snow…How about the high desert amongst the Joshua Trees

    • Actually, on Dec 29th we’re headed to Sequoia Nat’l Park for a couple of nights in the Lodge and snow. No nudity there.


  10. If you really want to put some rated X language into Christmas, check out a song called “Hey Santa” by the UK Subs, one of the most classic of the early British street punk bands.The lead singer conjures up an angry snarly cockney-accented kid whom is pissed off that Santa didn’t bring him a bike.

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