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Okay…I know this one is out of sequence.  So you are not in a space/time warp, but maybe I am.  December 14th was not a very good day for folks in Newtown Connecticut.  Once again some suicidal maniac has decided to go out in a blaze of glory and take twenty elementary school children and six adults with him ( Oops…don’t wanna forget dear old Mom who was his first victim). This mass shooting thing is getting out of control.  High Schools, Malls, Movie Theaters and now an Elementary School are becoming sites for gun violence.  What the hell is going on?

Gun control is a sticky issue here in the good ol, armed to the teeth, US of A.  We are after all THE Super Power.  And have the weaponry to keep us that way.  And our wonderful constitution seemingly allows for all it’s citizens to be mini super powers too.  [Don’t know when ya might need to overthrow the government.]

Thing is, it’s becoming more and more dangerous to go out on the streets anymore.  I’m even afraid to go to a mid-week matinee at the $3.00 Movies.  Probably nothing would happen; who wants to take out a bunch of cheap geezers seeing a flick?  No glory in that!  But still, I’m wanting to stay at home more and more and not deal with it.

I wonder if this recent tragedy will prompt some serious discussion (and even laws) restricting our internal arms race.  Doubt it.  Maybe if everybody was packin’ a gun, this latest shooter would have been taken out before he could do any damage.  But if every one was “carrying” then it would be mayhem.  If I see someone with a pistol holstered, I wanna see a badge right next to it.

Oh well.   In only wish this Newtown Connecticut tragedy had one of my hallucinations, but sadly it was not.


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  1. Sad. So very. I can’t imagine and it’s too painful to follow these kindsa stories because this is a sad norm we’ve come to live with.

  2. If only it were an hallucination. Can’t stand reading the news, anymore. What’s wrong with people? So terribly sad.

  3. some are suggesting that perhaps this one has tipped the scale and maybe we can get something done. I have had it with all the rhetoric and am ready for some action.

    • I think you’re right about this one being a scale tipper. Everybody’s had it…it is the time for action.


  4. I do not mean to minimize this tragedy but in Miami coupla drive-bys a month regular fare and hardly worth 6 o’clock news. My daughter and family survived two several weeks ago a night apart and five weeks before that, the boyfriend was shot in robbery sitting on front porch and almost bled to death in front of her and the three little children. So excuse me if I am not so teary eyed. It happens in Miami in little heres and theres all the time.

    • I totally understand. Violence is pervasive to the point where we’re turning calloused to it.


  5. I don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine why this is happening so regularly in the USA. Or what the solution is. I’m so terribly sorry for those poor people.

  6. What a horrible, unfathomable tragedy!

  7. The problem with such horrendous crimes is two-fold I think.

    1. We have developed a culture of violence unlike other Western developed nations and
    2. Our mental health services are inadequate in dealing with that small percentage of people who purchase deadly weapons and use them to play out their deadly fantasies.

    Unless we address these serious flaws within this country no amount of gun control is ever going to be truly effective. That doesn’t however mean we can’t take some steps and reduce the sell of assault-style weapons and their fire power capacities with larger magazines and more deadlier rounds.

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