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11-30-12 002


Comments on: "11-30–12" (15)

  1. Nothing like a Friday tribute to the assholes of the world.

  2. I feel alright too. You can grab onto that happy until next Friday.

  3. Yes, lets move to Euphoria 🙂

  4. actually happiness comes when you least expect it. Nothing is worse than working at it.

  5. I felt alright on Fri too. Sat morning was death though.

  6. Glad you’re feel’in good. I’ve got to hand it to you, I can actually read your notes or anti-blogs. If I were to scribble down thoughts, nobody could read them-not even me.

  7. This particular Friday gives me no cause for happiness. You, in America, have lost too many innocents and their teachers today for me to feel any cause for joy or happiness. Everywhere in the world the madmen and terrorists are slowly taking our freedoms and children. How then can I smile or laugh in the face of such evil and insanity?

    • Needless to say, I drew that two weeks ago, and posted it Friday morning, and low and behold, all hell breaks loose at a Connecticut Elementary School. I was disgusted after hearing the news (which came on the heels of a Mall shooting a few days before), and wonder< "Is America the most violent country on Earth?" I'm just sick!


  8. hhmmmm just goes to show how life can turn nasty in so short a time. I hope America finds peace.

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