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Comments on: "Red Ink and Thinking Outside The Box" (9)

  1. The administrators always called for teachers to come up with new ideas (thinking outside the box) to bring low performing kids up to standard. As soon as you presented ideas you were slammed, accused of usurping administrative prerogatives, not respecting the chain of command , being disloyal and a trouble maker. Then they usually Incorporated one’s idea claiming it as their own. Think outside the box. The are many of those jerks I would have liked to put in a box. Cheap pine.

    • Whoa…that one must of hit a nerve. Things were pretty much the same in Probationland, which was ripe with bureaucrats too.


  2. I like to think around the box, sneaking up on it, and then thinking under it. I live on the event horizon of sanity I fear. But then I don’t fear. Christmas must be near or the chlorine in the pool is starting to rot my synapses.

  3. I thought with red you would feature Sarah.

  4. Oops, that woman has a see-thru blouse and I think she’s good and ready to handle that fela standing above her.

  5. I’m totally with Carl – his experiences are mine…

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