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I thought I’d do something new.  Write a spontaneous somewhat introspective post about things I’m dealing with right now.  See, and here’s a little secret, I usually draw my stuff in a series, and save them as Drafts that I can post at my leisure, or whim.  But after drawing the above, I thought damn, I got a head-trip goin’ on, and what better, more cathartic way to flush it from my mind that blogging about it.

I work part-time for my former employer: a local California Probation Department where I was a probation officer once upon a time for thirty years.  I retired from all that crime-fighting fun eight years ago, but after nine months in retirement, returned to work ‘extra-help’ at our local juvenile facility (jail for kids) and at my same rate of pay.  Cool.  Helped finance a lot of world trips to Machu Picchu, New Zealand, the Yucatan and Europe.  I got layed-off in ’09 due to the financial crisis, but in 20011, money magically showed up and they needed help on the ‘bank’ case-loads (drunk drivers).  So, it was off to the races again.

Working part-time sure helped with the kitchen re-model.  Ended up paying for almost half, reducing the hit to ours savings by a considerable amount.  A month ago, I stopped working for a while (til 2013) because I was maxing out on allowable earnings for Social Security, which I thought was $14,160.  Well sure as shit, I screwed up, and didn’t check what’s allowable for 2012, just assumed it was the same as 2011.  Nope, it’s $500 more.  I could  back and make more money!!!

More money?  Did someone say “MORE MONEY?”  Maybe you can see it coming, the dilemma I’m dealing with:  I’m really done being a probation officer, but I’m not done enjoying making money…cause you can buy stuff with money.  Maybe some would like to be in my shoes: have a well paying part-time job where you can choose your own hours and schedule, and make some serious ‘chump change’ doing something that isn’t exactly rocket science, while working in one of the higher realms of Hell.

Why am I doing this?  We don’t really need the money.  But in this day of rampant consumerism, more is always good.  Plus, there’s some real dogmatic idiots in Washington, that wanna undo all the meager progress we’ve made in this country, and return us to the 19th century.  But I really can’t stand it!  Being ‘fully retired’ is nice, hard to give up…unless of course for the right price.

Oh well.  Anybody out there dealing with similar, or even dis-similar retirement issues?  Maybe I’m goin’ back to work, cause I like it.  Now that’s really sick.


Comments on: "I’m Going Back To Work Tommorrow" (23)

  1. You just like putting on the uniform!

  2. It’s awfully hard to give up the money when there is so much uncertainty! Balanced against quality of life concerns, though, it’s a tough decision.

  3. Don’t forget George Carlin’s warning about buying “more stuff”.

    • Ah yes George Carlin…my kinda guy, with words (four letter) of wisdom on a variety of subjects.


  4. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’m surrounded by retired people my age and younger. Frankly, I’d love to be part of that crowd. This work thing is getting so old.

  5. I’ve been part-time (i.e. freelance) since 1999. As the “part” becomes less and the “time” between becomes more, it’s been a natural slide into retirement for me. I like the energy kick of working now and then, but if I had to do it full-time I would be a burned-out wreck. Best of both worlds for me, I guess. Oh yeah, and the money helps, too. Got a hay-burner to feed.

    • Yea…part-time is great, and I’m takin’ bout 12 hours a week Max. Those ‘hay-burners’ are costly, and having some extra cash sure comes in handy.


  6. Alright … fess up …. where’s the next trip?

  7. If it’s not painful, work a little. Wish we had the choice;)

    • I’m Pro Choice when it comes to work. But I know there’s a lot of folks that wished they had decent part-time jobs in retirement.


  8. I dream about returning to a law practice, but it’s always a nightmare. I LOVE being retired, and frankly have zero interest in working. I work too hard at not working.

    • Lucky you, and I too enjoy retirement. Thing is, going back to Probationland is easy money. Kinda like stealing candy from babies 🙂


  9. Stealing candies from babies is a no no Hansi – they could put you on probation for that…

  10. Hey, someone’s gotta pay for those delicious granite counter tops! Why not the ones overseeing our wayward youth? 😉

  11. You’re a masochist!

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