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The Kitchen

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Time for a little reality therapy….You’ve probably heard me make a lot of illusions allusions to the kitchen re-model The Wife and I are doing.  Well it’s 99% completed.  All we gotta do is decide what kind of tiles to use as a counter back-splash (no easy task), and then we be home free.

As you can see, we have a “galley” kitchen; long and somewhat narrow.  Those are cherry-wood cabinets in a shaker style, with yin-yang knobs.  Pretty trippy; that’s what ya get when too two old hippies decide to re-model.  The counter-top is rainforest green.  Not quite a granite, but a serpentine stone with vivid color patterns running through it.

We had our 1955 Western Holly stove totally refurbished and it’s looking like new, the way it did in 1955, when it was first installed in our house.  You just gotta love all that chrome.  The flooring is “luxury vinyl” tiles;  real ceramic or stone tiles are much too hard should ya drop something on the floor, like my ancient ass.  And it’s a trip to actually have a range hood/vent like they do on the Food Channel.  Plus, a dishwasher!  Yes we be movin’ into the 21st century, but with a 20th century feel to it.

Was it worth it?  Hell yes.  Would I ever do it again?  Hell no!  This has been a major life altering inconvenience (which required a lot of mind altering to cope) living without a functioning kitchen for two months.  Plus, it was one decision after another we were having to make, each new decision impacting every other one.  Then there was the constant buying of stuff (which wasn’t cheap), with me spending way to much of my time working in Probationland to help pay for all this crap.  I was starting to feel like a one-man economic stimulus for Lowes and the construction industry.

But it sure beats what we had.


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  1. Whow…you’ve inspired dreams of kitchen future…nice to see what can be done with a galley kitchen, ’cause that’s what we’ve got! LOVE the trippy fixtures and the stove. 🙂 Happy mind-altering.

  2. Ying/Yang knobs…..that says it all…..looks great.

    • Thanks Ying/yang was The Wife’s idea. I was thinkin’ more along the lines of ding/dong.


  3. looks absolutely gorgeous. Love the stove. we are gonna replace our ceramic tile counters with something more worker friendly. We also are looking at a colorful marble type top. but with flecks of deep reddish brown to match our cherry cabinets. I’m sure you are glad its done, but boy was it worth it. So very nice. Congrats.

    • Thanks…You and The Contrarian were an inspiration with your move from the plains to the southwest.


  4. Looks slick! We’ll have to toast to the new kitchen when I’m down there in a few weeks.

    Just had a thought for the backsplash tile, after seeing the stove in there: whatabout alternating in some white, or off-white tiles in with the greens and rusty reds? It might work with the other splashes of white in there from the stove and the trim around the entryways.

  5. That’s one hell of a stove. I way dying to know what it was when I saw the photo, and fortunately only had to wait a few seconds to find out as I read further along. Whole kitchen looks great–congratulations! Hope your first meal isn’t something crass like microwaved pizza!

    • The stove really makes the kitchen in my opinion, with the refurbishing being actually a little less expensive than buying something like a Wolf or Viking range.


  6. See! That wasn’t so bad, was it now? 😀

  7. Looks great! “Was it worth it? Hell yes. Would I ever do it again? Hell no!” Exactly how I feel about home improvement. Now enjoy it!

  8. Love your knobs. Hopefully, one day soon, I will be going through the agony of remodeling my kitchen. Yours is an inspiration.

  9. Congratulations! Looks good and I especially like the door knobs. As far as a backsplash, I would recommend glass–it comes in different colors and is frosted on the back side for opacity (yeah!) and very easy to keep clean. If you use tiles the grout will be a pain to keep clean.

  10. Fabulous. What you going to cook?

  11. I really like the wood in the cabinets. Lovely colour and texture. The stove is great. What’s the centre bit for? Resting hot dishes and pots?

  12. Shit….looks good. Say, get me a beer while you are out there. Wowzers. I once did a bathroom….from the studs out. new sink, toilet , tub, cabinets. Never again is right.

  13. Looks great and as you enjoy and look back the effort will then seem worth it.

  14. It’s a beautiful kitchen, and I love the stove. We have my grandparent’s 1950s stove in our garage…presumably still in excellent condition. I’d have trouble incorporating it in my house, but we can’t part with it. Someone in the family just must take it at some point and put it to use. I love your choice in countertops, too. We really do need to redo our kitchen, but the whole project kind of frightens me with all the decisions. I’ve enjoyed following your outcome…it gives me a little encouragement. 🙂

    • A kitchen re-model is a huge pain ; but it can be done. We found that we had to educate ourselves as to whats available, from flooring to dishwashers and range vents. Having a good contractor was the key for us.


  15. Your sister Heidi said:

    WOW!!! I can’t believe ther difference! I’m sure The Wife is more than thrilled to have this new kitchen, it was worth it. Just be careful that she doesn’t want to move her bed into it!
    Bon appetite for the great meals she will cook in this beautiful environment.

  16. Looking good, Hansi! Your stove is awesome.
    Are you tempted to start a food blog now? Since your not really blogging here much…;)

  17. Is that a washer and dryer and stove combo?
    Man, seems they’ve been working on your place all year long.

  18. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    It’s exquisite! I love the yin and yang pulls! I want to see some photos of the food you’ll be making in that kitchen. I swear, there’s nothing like a new kitchen (or bathroom) to make a house so much more livable. Whenever I see an old, unmodern kitchen, I just get depressed. Wonderful. It has to be worth it and it will be.

  19. The yin/yang knobs are a perfect symbol of the push / pull – male / female – give and take that goes into a project like this. How does one “refurbish’ a stove anyway. Guess I’ll just have to keep on cooking on my Coleman on the back stoop – sigh…

    • Keep that Coleman…it’s a lot cheaper than what I paid to have our stove clean, enameled, re-chromed and painted.


  20. Congratulations! Looks good to me!

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