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Comments on: "11-20-12" (22)

  1. Never heard much of Traffic. Will check them out.

  2. Love your collaborations with the little guy, Hansi. Not blogging really is going well.

  3. Holiday preparations getting to you huh? lol

  4. hahaha priceless. Traffic – what a blast from the past. Husb recently bought a 1972 Dynatron radiogram from a junk shop and we’ve been playing all our vinyls again. At the risk of sounding like a couple of old gits, they definitely sound better than CDs, scratches and all. In fact, I can remember how a lot of those scratches happened 😉

    • Gotta watch them sudden jerky movements too close to the turn table. Yeah vinyl is sound really good especially on a good stereo system.


  5. ps am LOVING your non-blogs

  6. Funny how re-naming something changes how we feel about it. Not blogging is a great strategy and so much better for being accidental.

    I discovered yesterday I needed to call my non-blog writing “improvisations”. Worked a treat.

  7. Listen to music. Draw. Blog. Repeat…

  8. I sometimes think about all the time that goes into blogging and wonder when the addiction took over. There probably was a time I could have chosen not to go down that road…too late now. I admire that you’re even trying to break free…I don’t think it’s working, however!

  9. Glad to see that your no blogging time is going well. Cheers to Traffic.

  10. The next stage is not blogging not blogging – oh, but this is already happening – so it has to be not blogging, not blogging, not blogging – ah, life and kitchens can be so complicated…

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