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Quality Time

Now that’s a term ya don’t hear too much any more. It’s kind of a throw-back from the 80’s. That would be the time when all us Baby Boomers gave up our Hippie ways (stopped smoking Pot) and became Yuppies: totally selling out to uber-materialism and wealth accumulation (started growing Pot commercially). For all our evil deeds, the gods rewarded us with two horrific stock market declines, and are busily taking away our pension funding.

Another by-word I can’t stand is “A Purpose Filled Life”.  Used by certain evangelical groups, this phrase implies that if you don’t have the same reason to be alive as they do, your life ain’t worth a shit.  Unless of course you’re in the womb, then ya have all the rights as a full fledged adult.  But once you’re born (for the first time) well then it’s open season on your ass.

This is what triggered old Hansi into this whole head-trip about Quality Time….versus, of course, time of questionable, or little value, which suffers from shoddy workmanship. [A good example of this would be Me Writing this blog (quality time), and You Reading it ( a total waste of time)].  So, Q T is an 80’s term denoting time when you are fully present and actively involved, not tuned out dreaming up some new idiotic blog post. It usually involved time spent with your children.  Because we all wanted to give them the best of everything, even time, so they’d have that advantage over the rest of the kids when entering pre-school, or [barf] Montessori.

Well. I used this term also. But being true to my inner Hansi nature, I used it as a by-word for marital bliss time. Come on…You probably did too! This time appreciated in its Quality, because there were only certain times when you could enjoy it. Like during that brief window of opportunity, between when the kids  fell asleep, and before You fell asleep on the couch. You had to act fast, and slip it in, squeeze it in (you know what I mean) when you could, or wait till the next Friday night. [Good thing my kids don’t read my blog, they’d  probably put themselves up for adoption after finding this shit out].

Well, like Disco, the term Quality Time is gone now. Fading into obscurity along with ‘YUPPIE’, ‘DINK’ (double income no kids) and all things New Age. I hope I have provided you with a little Quality Time (don’t let your mind turn to filth), and that this post has brought back a lot of fond memories of when you  used to have sex.

You now know what quality time means to me. What does it mean to you?


Comments on: "Quality Time" (14)

  1. Your posts always provide quality time. Yet, your opening drawing made me think of this commercial.

  2. Hansi,
    You delight me. I don’t feel my time here is wasted at all.

  3. Quality? More than quantity to which it is intimately connected. Actually it’s odd they share the Q since they are not really connected. One can be without the other and usually is. I like Q words. Qat and Quai and Quasi and Quanta and Quoin, and Quean, and Queen and Quint, and quin and quit. Nice don’cha think? I just spent some quality time.

  4. Cleverly stated as usual Hans. Your posts always bring a smile or laugh. Happy T-Day

  5. This is a quality post, so I figure reading it is quality time. Like how you broke down those terms we use so loosley. Never thought much of what a purpose-filled life was and you defined it precisely, as those who read your blog expect you to.

  6. Quality time for me is when I don’t have to deal with quantity of any kind – so bless your cotton socks for not writing scroll down essays…My sons, after years of suffering my quality wind, refuse to pull my finger any more – another joy gone from my flatulent life…

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