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Some Advice

I love advice columns, and have written parodies about all the dumb-shits who write in seeking a solution to the particular problem or dilemma.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be insensitive to those who are suffering. No Sir, I’m all for the end of suffering, and take my special end of suffering medication daily.  It’s just that the advice that is given, is often times just so lame or generic, that I see little value in it.

Having said all that, lets get to the important part; I wanna talk about drawing.  And these two “Dear Hansi” drawings  feature prominently.  I’m finding that I’m gravitating between a few different styles.  These two are more “illustrations” that I’ve done to fit specific post topics.  My other stuff is a lot more freer and spaced-out in nature, and when featured in a post may only has a remotely metaphoric relationship to what I’m writing about.  [Conversely, therein lies lays the literary challenge; to be able to come up with some thing that sorta compliments the drawing; like this post]. I find it a trip to gravitate between the two, cause I like having the ability to draw a particular vision that flashes into my head, like these two hand studies.

If you can add ridicule to your drawings (seasoned with a helping of sarcasm), as many of the great political cartoonists do, well that’s the height of drawing…if ya ask me.  Now, some might think that it’s not nice to sarcastically  ridicule people.  And I totally agree, unless of course,  they deserve it.  Then its open season on their asses.  They’re asking for it by the dumb shit they say and do.

Here’s the only advice I’ll give ya:  Take all advice with a grain of salt!  Oh yea…and look for some recycled advice posts coming soon.


Comments on: "Some Advice" (13)

  1. Oh I loves advices of all kinds. I give it freely and ignore most of what’s given to me. lol

  2. The only advice column I read is “Dear Murray”, a Dear Abby for frustrated horses, written (supposedly) by a horse, from the horse’s point of view. It’s absolutely hilarious, and skewers the humans every time. And yes, I guess we deserve it.

  3. Looking forward to these avarice posts.

  4. A syndication that should be worth millions.

  5. Those are some damn fine drawings of a left hand. I’m guessing you’re right handed? 😉

  6. There’s an advice columnist in one of the papers here in DC, and is refered to as a “lifestylist”.

    • I can dig it. My blog is kinda like a “lifestylist”: for grumpy old retired guys who aren’t getting layed very often, but who do enjoy some occasional herbal refreshments.


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