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At Last!   I’m finally able to sit down with a pen, some paper, and time to play with space; or more correctly, space-out playing with drawing.  Like I said in the above drawing: The best part of drawing is drawing into your drawing.  Sounds a little stupid (but was profound when I thought of it).  What that means to me is being able to step over to the right side of my brain ( the side where creativity, imagination and intuition is dominant), and leave the left side ( which is analytical, precise, logical and organized) behind.

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t usually draw from life or nature, stuff one can actually see.  Rather, I just start scribbling and images start to appear.  None of it has any basis in reality.  [My god!  that sounds like an American political party that just got its ass whooped in the recent elections].  It’s all in my head, except when it illegally immigrates to paper, in hopes for a better life, then it takes on a life of its own and becomes a voting block to be reckoned with.

This is starting to sound a little scary.  But it really isn’t.  That’s cause everything is just fine over on the Right, reality notwithstanding [ A cool word I learned while wasting thirty years of my life as a probation officer].  Oops.  I’m writing now, not drawing, and that means I’ve slipped over to that logical left side of my brain.   Couldn’t help it.  Old Lefty was callin’ out my name, “Hansi, get your ass back over here.  You were having too much fun on the right”.  Busted!  That’s what happens when ya write stuff, versus drawing  stuff; your mind gets deported.

Maybe what I should do is just post a drawing with no commentary, and let you figure it out for yourself.  But there’s danger in that  You might like the Right side of your brain so much, ya may never wanna go back to the Left.  Unless of course you prefer the Left (blue side) over the Right (red side), and feel the need to make a comment like, “That was a bunch of bullshit.” or “Hansi, you stupid socialist, you’ve over medicated yourself one too many times”.


Comments on: "Drawing" (16)

  1. Probably costs this guy a lot extra for a hair cut.

  2. Thanks for making a joke of the left and right … and we need more people capable of laughing at it! Well done.

  3. “I just start scribbling and images start to appear. None of it has any basis in reality.”

    Might you not call it something along the lines of Rorschach artistry?

  4. Love the ta-da figure!

  5. Now that is an eyebrow……..he is well em-browed…..

  6. I prefer to be on the side of my brain that is taking a nap. I am wooped again. too many laps at the pool. Then groceries, then cooking. Oh to be rich and have my bell to call a servant! Do you have something against noses? Your noses are always bulbous. The Contrarian is a nose man. I can tell you a lot of stories. But I’m wooped.

  7. I’m roughly equally left and right brained. Which is good because I can never remember which is which.

  8. “The best part of drawing is drawing into your drawing.”: many people drawing do this and don’t realize it, so it’s good to have the thought on the surface!

    • I’m glad to hear that. It’s probably very common when on the right side of the brain, and only surfaces when the left side takes over.


  9. Hello you have a fantastic website over here! Thanks for posting this interesting stuff for us! If you keep up this great work I’ll visit your weblog again. Thanks!

    • Your welcome Contactsex, guess I’m just doing my civic duty posting all this bullshit. As you too are probably doing. Keeping up my (usually) great work is a challenge indeed. I have set some pretty “High” standards for myself and this blog. Guess it’s my ‘hands on’ approach. As is yours Contactsex, for when it comes to sex, I’m all for full-body contact. Telephone sex don’t count as sex for me. Guess I’m old fashioned that way. I tried phone sex a few times, but only got a busy-signal when I tried to screw it.
      So….What do you blog about Contact? You too must have fantastic website ‘over there’., and are probably also posting “interesting stuff”, as do I. Somehow, I think your stuff is much more interesting than mine and I’ll be right over.

  10. Very clever sketch Hansy

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