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Drawing With Branden

What has been really cool while doing some uber-grandparenting, taking care of our two grandsons, is drawing with them.  The Wife (a former children’s art-teacher) lets the boys have reams of cheap copy paper, pencils galore and, if they’re really careful, colors.

I was going through some of these ‘masterpieces’ and decided to touch a few of Branden’s  up a bit.  He did the wavy lines; I did the rest.

I even let Branden use some of my “special drawing pencils” *, and was able to explain how they’re numbered by hardness and what kind of line ya get with each one.  He enjoyed that, but is still likes your standard #2 pencil for his cartoonie/stylized form of drawing.  Hey!  So do I.  Here’s one we did together.  Don’t get much better than that.

*  Actually they’re not special at all, but cheap bottom of the line 4H, 2H, H and HB pencils.  But what do children know?  You can fool them all the time, by calling something “special”  and make em want it even more, by rationing it’s usage.  Withholding creates craving, and then they are hooked.  Kinda like the 47% of people who are in the radical right’s back pocket.


Comments on: "Drawing With Branden" (19)

  1. It is the kind of activity he will remember and cherish long after you are gone. I certainly remember wood toy making with father.

    • You’re absolutely right. I remember playing checkers with my grandfather. He’d let me win the first game and then clean house on me thereafter.


  2. Your first sketch…the drawing on the right looks a lot my ex-wife…..the last one is just cool!

  3. Just laughing out loud with delight! Thank you, Hansi!!! 😀

  4. Whether they ever actually do art as adults, they will forever remember these times when they drew pictures with grandpa. It will be a special memory. 🙂

  5. I’m with Sherry. Exposing them to this craft is something that will probably stay with them for life. Good job grandpa.

  6. Sounds like a fun day!

  7. Aww, love the bottom drawing with the huge eyes and tiny wee mouth. Oh, and the fart powering the other guy ….

  8. It seems that your grandson may have inherited some of your talent. And what special memory-building. Makes me think of sitting and knitting with my grandmother. I’m 60 years old and can still get teary when I think of it. I know how special grandchildren are…this was a delight to read.

    • Thanks. grandchildren are a delight and it’s a wonderful blessing to be actively involved in their lives.


  9. Cheers to Mrs. Hansi and you for promoting art!

  10. F. Arts come easily and early to the Hansi family…

  11. Cool! I draw with the kid too ~__~ Lot of fun, until he decides he’s gonna give me a tattoo….

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