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Farting Balloons

Time for a little regression back to the good ol’ days of childhood (yet again). See, not only are The Wife and I going through re-modeling madness with our kitchen (No, it’s not done yet!), but we have been doing double duty with child care for the two grandsons while Mom, our daughter, has had to work out of town for three weeks.

What’s cool however, is Branden, the oldest, is quite the budding young artist, and for a nine year old, has very good eye/hand coordination (the ability to draw what one sees).  In the above drawing of farting balloons, he did the one on top, and I did the one below, along with some of my usual scribbling.  Farting balloons?  He’s nine, I’m sixty-five; some things never get old.  The rest of the drawings below are his.

Now, only a nine year old would come up with farting balloons.  Too much Pokemon I guess.  But it got me to thinkin’.  With America in the middle of  Presidential Election Mania, it sure seems like there’s a lot of candidates out there, blowing all manor of bull-shit out their asses.  Kinda like farting balloons.

One of them, and I don’t wanna get too political on this basically psychedelic humour blog (but if he’s elected instead of Obama we’re screwed) has been cutting loose with a shit-load of verbal flatulence.  He’s been changing his positions quicker than young lovers in heat.  All I can figure is that: a), he’s lying , b) he has Alzheimer’s, c) he has no moral character whatsoever, or d) all of the above.  Choose wisely America.


Comments on: "Farting Balloons" (16)

  1. hahaha farting balloons. My little great-nephews are coming to stay this weekend – they’ll love this concept. One’s a good artist and he recently did a portrait of me as a farting pig! I had to forgive him because it’s technically an excellent drawing and he’s only 8.

  2. Love Branden’s style! Romney…not so much.

  3. The boy has a future! As an artist not a politician that is….

  4. Your Grandsons drawings are wonderful!. I wonder where he got that talent from hmmmm?? 🙂

  5. Oh don’t get me started on farting. My husband believes it endangers one’s health to suppress such things….really I mean it. I live in a constant state of toots and full blown woopie cushion humor.

  6. We never really get to know and see the real man until he is president. We may be delighted or disappointed but he is usually never the person we thought he was.

  7. Why do I get the impression that besides being his grandfather and art mentor, you may creating the next generation of your personality.

  8. I’m somewhat late in the game here and we now know who will be sitting on the White House woopie cushion for the next while – personally I’m happy that all that flatulence is spent for a day or two and we can breath in some clear air…

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