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Penis Envy

I love that term.  In Freudian psychoanalysis, it’s the point in psycho sexual development, when a girl realizes she does not have a penis; the defining moment in the development of gender and sexual identity in women.  In common usage, it’s more like, “She probably wishes she had a dick.”

Well, I wouldn’t wanna wish that on anybody.  I’m tired of having a penis, and would gladly turn mine in for less responsibility and more freedom.  Don’t get me wrong, a fully functioning penis sure comes in handy while on a long drive, or when camping.  You can just pull off to the side of the road and take a wizz, or just pee where ever you’re standing when out in nature.

Thing is, it sure seems like folks with penises are in control these days.  And some of them especially wanna control  those without one.  Male energy is driving the world ape-shit.  Ever wonder what things would be like if there was more  female energy in charge?  Sarah Palin doesn’t count.


Comments on: "Penis Envy" (38)

  1. Haha u naughty boy!

  2. hehe, wonder if WordPress will censor your Sarah Palin reference this time. If they don’t, you’ll know she’s never running for President again. Off to tweet your penis. Too good not to be shared …

  3. ” Ever wonder what things would be like if there was more female energy in charge? “

    Believe it or not I have. About 40 years ago when the women’s lib movement was in its early development years. I was in a study group at college with was an even mix of males and females and I made the point that it was power which adversely effects people. Margaret Thatcher and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are examples of authoritative, male type dispositions, though I would be inclined to agree that there might be fewer attempts to invade the female anatomy regarding unwanted pregnancies if more women were in political positions of power.

    But then I smoked a lot of weed back then so my “left brain” thinking was was usually dominant. 🙂

  4. You may be the ultimate Freudian. Meanwhile, love the ending as it caught me by surprise.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yes, Sarah Palin doesn’t count. Probably can’t count, too. But, yes, we need more women in higher political office. We need a balance. You men have had your turns.

  6. Too much trouble thank you, but equality would be ideal. Your drawings are fab.

  7. Where to begin? Lord. Peeking inside your sexual fantasies was not what I wanted with my morning coffee. I wish I could wash out my eyeballs. Can’t you set up warning buoys or something? lol

  8. Yes, I wonder ALL the time about how things would be different if women were in power…but I must admit, my “wondering” didn’t go into the same direction as your “wondering.” 🙂

  9. Hansi, this is very funny stuff! Love it!

  10. hahahahahahah *wipes eyes* you are hilarious. I never wanted a penis but I’d love to have a beard, just for a day.

  11. Late to the party as usual, but spot on. History is basically one big testosterone extravaganza.

  12. Too much of anything can be bad. There should be a nice balance, so more estrogen, please. At this point, a lot more. I’m tired of the US being so full of testosterone that we have to constantly go out there and prove how big our “jimmy” is. If there is more estrogen, maybe we can concentrate on “nesting.” Taking care of us 😉

  13. How come yours has whiskers and mine doesn’t?…

  14. Nice post, oh and thank you for disturbing my already precarious state with the last pic. 😀 It’s gold! Am I the only cynic who doesn’t think much would change if there was more female energy in power? Sadly, I have the feeling things would still be shitty (just DIFFERENT shitty). :< :< not to mention, how sad is it that there seems to be little correlation between being female and being pro-choice. There is probably a much higher bond between being religious and pro-life? :/)
    Anyway, one can still dream… and great drawings ^^

    • Thanks…glad the drawing disturbed you. Sadly, I think that when anyone reaches high levels of power they are corrupted; it’s the nature of the process getting there.


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  16. I have wallet envy.

  17. I Like my little dick

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