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Cell Phones

You may find this hard to believe, especially from such a high-tech guy such as myself, who has two blogs and freely downloads music on a P2P file sharing system, but I don’t own a cell phone.  Nope, don’t have one.  Don’t feel the need.

Cell phones were cool when I was out in the field fighting crime in Probationland.  Damn, if shit started going down, I wanted to be able to call somebody, and call em fast!  But now, in retirement, a cell phone seems more like electronic monitoring, than any thing else.  I don’t want people calling me, Tweeting me, or sending be a text.  [ I’m still a ‘text’ virgin]. Then there’s FaceBook.  Never done that either.  Way too much like posting your own ‘rap-sheet’ of prior arrests, with confessions to match.

I guess I don’t want people to know what I’m doing, except of course when I’m blogging, and then the spigot is on full blast.  Hope ya get a blast outta this one.  I’m not telling.


Comments on: "Cell Phones" (24)

  1. Hey I dated her! Tequila will make anything appear as you want…..

    I too hate cels but I will admit that I have a blackberry for news…..I do not text or talk that much….but I surf the web and read news as it breaks……

  2. Never owned a cell phone. Never will. I have a phone right here on my desk thankyouverymuch.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I have a cellphone from my workplace. I rarely use it. They can be useful but I sure do hate constantly seeing people walking around, their eyes glued to their phones. It’s sad.

  4. I think I saw he/her in a New Orleans bar.

  5. I cnt bleev u dnt av a cell ph. w@ kinda luddite r you?

    (sent from my iToy)

  6. We went over to cells from landlines and I pretty much love it. I carry my phone with me on our walks in the desert should I be struck by a rattler, and the Maps apps is so much better than Tom Tom that we just never worry when we are going somewhere. Case in point. Last friday we had to to go the VA in El Paso at Fort Bliss. The original route taking us from US 10 to US 54 was shut down at 54. The phone “knew” the road was closed somehow and rerouted us a way that we liked ever so much better. We got in and out with ease. With the usual google map directions we would have been stuck when we couldn’t get onto 54. So I love my smart phone, but I do not text. No need for that that I can tell, and I really don’t use the downloads to read google reader and such.

  7. Wow, a text virgin. They exist! Too bad, you would have enjoyed my texts. So would the woman on the bar.

    I once read about an ad on British tv for dinner featuring men sizing up two women: one beautiful and classy, the other like your bar woman. The punch line went something like follows: ” … sometimes, you just want pot noodles.”

  8. LOVE your cell phone sketch! You sound like my husband…

  9. I don’t know how to go back now that I’ve carried a cell for so long…but in some ways I envy your resolve not to follow the crowd. Your art is distinctive, too, so I don’t think you’re a crowd follower!

  10. I don’t have a cell phone either. ::fist pound::

  11. I have a cell phone but can’t find the dial…

  12. Sedate Me said:

    Right on! Throw away your digital leashes and regain your freedom!

    Not only do I not go into the Twit Zone, use Loserbook, or have a cellphone, I own some rotary phones that I inherited that are older than I am. In fact, I have an old Walton-era hand crank wall-phone in the garage that’s been re-jigged to work on modern lines.

    I like the rotary phones (and low-tech communication) because:

    1) They were bought & completely paid for over 30 years ago, no minutes, no contracts, no bullshit.

    2) I am free to live my life without interruption. I am available only when I want to be, yet I still know everything I need to know. (Newspapers bring the news to my door every morning!) Everyone is at my beck & call, but not vice-versa.

    3) My big screen TV and computer monitor are much better to look at than some little, vastly overpriced, piece of crap I’m probably going to lose anyway.

    4) I don’t need Siri to think for me. Siri doesn’t tell me where to eat or how to go to the bathroom. I retain the ability to think for myself.

    5) I don’t need a world full of corporate douche-bags to track my every move and I don’t need the constant approval of other “Friends”.

    Most important of all….

    6) My rotary phones work every single time!!! They don’t need “bars” or re-charging and they have much better audio quality than any cellphone I’ve ever heard of. Not only that, they’ll be working decades after these trendy do-dads break, or become “obsolete” and get put in landfills. (avg 1-2 years)

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