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Airing Out My Mind

I love blogging cause it allows me to ramble on in an incoherent manor, with out someone yelling, “shut the fuck up” [or at least I don’t have to hear em].  I even get to use the F-word, but only judiciously and for literary effect.  Cleans out the mind to write stuff down that isn’t on a ‘to-do’ list.  So like a powerful laxative,  I’m almost cleansed of all the shit that’s been going on in my mind.

And what better way than to look at some pictures which are pretend.  When I was a child, I loved all things that had to do with Space (The Final Frontier).  I even tried to make my own space suits, and imagined what it would be like living on another planet.  Sometimes I still wish I was living on another planet, even now.


Comments on: "Airing Out My Mind" (13)

  1. With what’s going on politically, I think another planet sounds mighty fine.

  2. Made a few cardboard box space ships myself.

  3. One thing about your airing out your mind, we have no idea what will come out … then again, that seems normal, thus what I have come to expect.

  4. I usually do live on another planet. I only visit here for my work. I’m cataloging pansies for the intergalactic horticultural society.

  5. I always wanted to live in Thunderbird 5

  6. I hear ya! As always, love the drawing, the middle one in particular.

  7. Your “mind dumps” are more creative than most! You are so creative, I would imagine your brain talks back to you quite a bit! Best to share it and free of up some “hard drive” space! 🙂

    • It’s either my mind or the devil talking to me all the time. Maybe some of my posts are like emptying the Recycle Bin on my hard drive.


  8. I get it now and I was there then…

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