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I sure wish I had more energy.  I got solar panels on my roof, but my personal tank is empty.  That’s because I’ve been exposed to too much energy.  Construction guys at the house everyday at 7:00 a.m.  Saws, drills and hammering going on full blast within fifteen minutes of their arrival.  Too much energy in the house for me.  Kinda like sitting in a dentists chair with the volume turned up to ten; definitely nerve-racking.

I think I need an energy policy.  God knows the country has one:  use everything up before we run out.  Maybe I’m a conservative, cause I sure think we need to conserve more energy.  I’m starting with myself, by not expending any new energy on drawing, but rather (carefully) digging stuff out of the Archives, and re-cycling it.  Drawing this crap don’t come easy, it’s hard work, with all this spontaneous stuff,  great effort has to go into each piece in order for it to come out just right.  It took me all day waiting for this vision to occur.


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  1. I can most certainly identify and appreciate the energy it took for you to compose these. I don’t have any energy at all lately to put into to creating art. In your case, I can see how the renovating can distract. The environment was to be conducive to a creative mindset.

    • I think all “artists” (creative people) go through slumps, and it does come down to energy, and the time one does have available to pursue these endeavors.


  2. Therer is only so much that can be crammed into the brain….the center of creativity—–until Nov. 6 I think all creative people will be in a slump.

    • I think you’re right on with that observation.


    • Snoring Dog Studio said:

      Lobotero, you are so spot on. I am struggling – feeling like I’m pushing a rock up a hill and treading through quicksand. Can barely focus these days with politics in the nation and politics at work. Ugh. Let it be over soon!

  3. “That’s because I’ve been exposed to too much energy. Construction guys at the house everyday at 7:00 a.m. Saws, drills and hammering going on full blast within fifteen minutes of their arrival. Too much energy in the house for me.”

    It will all be a forgotten nightmare soon.

  4. Hansi,

    Hallucinations self-applied. : )

    You told me about myself. That’s what we all want to see-ourselves clearly in an artists work.
    I like you work when I see myself in it.
    More than this, even, I saw myself in your nightmare of to much interference not enough energy to keep it at bay and focus.
    This happens to me. Didn’t have words, like yours.
    Now I do. Thanks to you. : )


  5. This is why rich people don’t live in their houses while they’re being rehabbed. The rest of us suffer and hope the contractor doesn’t take the usual 2-3 times as long as the estimate to get it done.

  6. Great drawings! Congrats on the solar panels-looking into them too-I agree on the energy policy. When you figure it out, please let me know. I got no energy for finding energy.

    • The solar panels are great, and between the State and Feds, the government paid for half of it. Is that socialism, or just a good energy policy?


  7. Talk to the contrarian if you wish advice on how to “take it easy”. He’s been doing that since last Friday when he had his medical “procedure” called, getting a flu shot. Seriously. NO really, I mean that. Welcome to my world.

    • Hey…one doesn’t wanna rush back into high gear too fast after a flu shot….they hurt.


    • Snoring Dog Studio said:

      Sherry, that’s hilarious! A medical procedure! Did you hire 24-hour nursing help?

  8. Archives are meant to be seen, not hidden away 🙂

  9. Nothing with renovating old stuff for repost. With 610 posts in just over 2 years I know…

  10. Wonderfully energetic post. 🙂

  11. The dang kitchen is the source of your energy drain. Maybe a Sarah visit would help.

  12. Great sketches hansi. I have a construction site next to my place and the bastards regularly ruin my lounge time 🙂

  13. Don’t want to poop on the party but, in the wide view aren’t these all somewhat aristocratic problems – kitchen renos – creative slumps etc. We bloggers are all so blessed with our magic machines and our domestic and political angst. I worked today with a group of people who have no home, forget kitchens. They have lost all belief / understanding of/ in politics. Creative slumps are meaningless to them. Their priorities are food and getting through another day in their meaningless lives. Faced with this I felt useless and incompetent – like a king dethroned by hungry citizens…

    • I know what ya mean. A lot of us (myself included) seem to forget just how fortunate we are.


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