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Even More

My last post was about More.  A fairly spaced-out frolic with words and meanings.  So in the spirit of  “if a little is good, a lot has got to be better,”  I’m posting even more metaphysical rants with illustrations  to match (more or less).

Living a simple life, can be a pleasant way to be.  It’s not hard or difficult.  It’s simple!  Just cut loose all the bullshit you really don’t need, and enjoy the things you have.  That may be cool if you’ve accumulated a lifetimes worth of crap, and are more than glad to part with most of it (like in a dumpster).  But if you’re forced to live simply, that may be another thing altogether.

I wonder if this guy in the Albrecht Durer woodcut I copied, is expecting more or is satisfied with what he has, which is apparently nothing.  Is he waiting to get something, or is he blowing away a big inflated balloon of love to share with everybody: giving ?   Beats me.  In the woodcut, he was adoring The Virgin, or some other long-haired, robe laden, winged saint.   Now that’s a trip, to think something outside yourself can bring you happiness.

All the major (Abrahamic) religions seem to have gone berserk, believing that peace can only be achieved when They are in charge.   They’ve gone back to the “eye for an eye”, our God is better than your god mindset.  Too bad.   Each Faith has a lot to offer the other.  And,  still be valid, even without the others having to be wrong.


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  1. Woodcuts are hard to do. I have tried a few with moderate success but find it difficult to get the fine line detail of some of the old masters. It is a matter of finding the right kind of hard wood. The pine and such at the home depot and lumber yard for shelving and construction is too soft to get clean cut and across the grain cut. In any event your knives and gouges have to be razor sharp but I can do that. It is also hard to fix mistakes and over cuts. You have to cut out a square of some size and insert a replacement square and start over on that section.

    • Definitely a skill unto itself. My understanding is that Durer didn’t do the actual wood cutting himself, but had other do it while he just did the drawings/templates.


  2. Hansi, there was a time when I was homeless and lived in a tent on a near by river….it was the happiest I had ever been…….living day to day was a challenge….I liked it.

  3. Yep…..it was thoroughly enlightening….. did not know I had it in me to do such a thing….

  4. These are nice. The last one, classic. I’ve copied Fernando Botero and a couple others. It’s a strong teaching tool. I may have to start again to get me motivated.

    • I think that’s why I go back to the ;old masters’ once in a while; to get motivated, and for subject matter.


  5. We only need more ART!

  6. You got it right bro!

  7. I used to dream of moving into the middle of Alaska with a husband and building a cabin and living off the sidewalks as it were. Nice musing, but I’m likin’ my stuff too, so I’m just a talker, not a doer.

  8. Thank you Hansi the Philosopher. 🙂

  9. Fabulous Durer compliment, Hansi. You are spot-on about religions trying to make other religions wrong. Same for people too. We can be right or we can be happy. Our choice.

  10. Deep and true thoughts amongst your ramblings – you’re a good man Hansi…

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