mind expanding nonsense


Here’s some more carefully selected random drawings that I haven’t shown, or haven’t shown in a long time.  Most of the time, more is better than less.  At least when it comes to drawings (more or less)

I find myself sometimes  wanting less more these days, than wanting More.  Seems like freedom and less responsibility, is much more desirable than having more.  Maybe sometimes More is less of what ya really want.


Comments on: "More" (20)

  1. “I find myself sometimes wanting less more these days, than wanting More”

    Expending energy for achieving “more” just isn’t what we used to think it was.

  2. I might need more explanation. Or possibly less.

  3. Oh a psychiatrist would have a ball with these. You are worth a whole book I am sure.

  4. michaelbanak said:

    Love the butt hat hansi!

  5. Poor guy, carrying the weight of the world on his head. There’s no such thing as wanting LESS when it comes to your MORE weird drawings.

  6. No one can ever say you’re not unique! Totally! I’m moving more towards “less” these days, too. I need time, not things!

  7. These are great, especially the first drawing. VERY nice.

  8. As time goes on I find I am less confused by your posts. Should I be more worried by this?

  9. Love your gently surreal drawings, more or less…

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