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Here’s a couple of drawings I’ve done lately, with, and without underwear. You know what would really be cool?  Is to sit around in your underwear all day, and wear nothing else.  Underwear are clothes, you know;  they’re just clothes one usually wears under their outer garments.  Unless of course you’re  “hanging loose’ or going “commando”, then your outer garments become your under garments if you wear something over them.   So why not just wear underwear all day and nothing else?   It would be like giving the world the message, “I’m not doing jack-shit today, so don’t bother me.  I’m sitting around in my underwear, I’m not going outside, and I’m not taking them off!”

Here’s a few of my favorite activities I sometimes do when I’m just sitting around the house in my underwear:

Watch TV

Listen to music

Snack on junk food while watching TV

Get the munchies while listening to music

Draw pictures for my blog

Have a glass of wine while drawing

Get up and get some more wine

Smoke a joint

Listen to more music, but a touch louder

Raid the refrigerator

Have another glass of wine

Bug The Wife about when’s dinner

Take a nap

Wake up and watch some TV

Fall asleep in front of the TV

That sounds like a pretty full day to me.  Did I leave anything out ?


Comments on: "Underwear" (31)

  1. See, a day in retirement is really work.

  2. “Did I leave anything out ?”

    You forgot the bowel movements that allow you extra leisure time alone to think and read. Just be sure to crack the window and light that aromatic candle your wife bought especially for you.

    There, if the imagery you created of older men walking around in their skivvies wasn’t unpleasant enough for your readers, this should achieve that. 😉

  3. ooh…very cool drawings!

  4. walking around in your underwear gets more problematic with age. It is not such a pretty sight. Somehow I don’t think the reaction would be, ooo lala Tom Cruise! Naw, more like, old man with knobby knees and flat butt. Trust me, dress more with age.

    • Knobby knees and flat butt fit me to a tee. I bet you have one of those guys loitering around your house 🙂


  5. You left out the scratching of one’s self….that is always a joy…..

  6. michaelbanak said:

    You’re living the dream hansi! Sounds awesome

  7. We have a lot in common! Change the wine to whiskey and the TV to watching movies on my laptop and we could be twins! btw i’m from Amsterdam so i grow my own 🙂

  8. I’ve heard of magic underpants but not seeing ones!

  9. Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a data! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.

  10. You are such a guy, Hansi! You just don’t hear women saying this, do you? 🙂

  11. Why not sit around in your underwear all day while going commando? Much more efficient.

    I love the first drawing–you could turn him into a Tidy-Whitey Superhero to join up with Forceps Boy to fight crime (or to deal innovatively with personal hygiene matters, if you prefer).

  12. And were you sans outer garments for these sketches? Just building a mental picture.
    I love the second image, almost elf like 😉

    • I tend to do most of my work fully clothed, less chance of pens and pencils falling into uncomfortable places.


  13. LOL! Sounds pretty complete to me. 🙂

  14. i’m sorry but jack – shit & underwear, should never be in the same paragraph. live free and easy hansi, what a good idea, i’m in my underwear right now 😉

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