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Back To The Basics




Comments on: "Back To The Basics" (15)

  1. These are really cool in every way, Hansi! And I feel like that too, sometimes… In many ways! 😉

  2. Well they made me laugh. I especially liked the second one. Great grey matter expressed. Much thanks. Blessings abound.

  3. michaelbanak said:

    Great stuff hansi love your hands and feet and imagination. When are the renovations finished?

  4. Hope the kitchen project is nearing its end! Are you “let loose” on any parts of the creative process? I wonder what your kitchen visions would look like if you had full creative control? I like these two drawings. They are oddly mesmerizing! Debra

    • The kitchen project is one gigantically big art project when ya get down to it: shape, color, form vs. function, all that good “fun” stuff.


  5. I stopped painting over 30 years ago but for me every time I pick up my brushes since then I see I have forgotten all the tricks and my stuff is a mess. That’s why now I carve and draw only.

  6. Love looking for the faces …. In the first one, I see five … well, unless there are more in the hands.

  7. You are so right. And I love these, especially the second guy.

  8. I like the guy in the big pants. You know what they say about men in big pants? They say they must have recently lost weight.

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